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June 21, 2013

Hi Bonnie,

I have been reading the road to health for a long time. Before the internet when everything was done by the mail.
I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your articles and especially the article and video attachment on fasting.

I have been fasting pretty much twice a week for about 6 weeks–two months.  I keep my calories down to 400-500 calories on the fast day. I don’t make a soup like you do. I just have organic miso soup (50 calories) and put some lettuce in with it.

Two good things have happened.

1. For many years I could feel my liver enlarged. I have done tons of liver cleanses to no avail. But now my liver doesn’t feel so large. The pressure isn’t there. I know I am more healthy.

2. My allergies are very bad in the summer. I get hives really, really bad. One year it was so bad I had to take prescription steroids and I don’t believe in taking medicine. But this year so far I really haven’t had my problem with hives. A slight itching.

I just wanted to tell you my experience and to say I am grateful for your information you send out. You’re doing a great job. Keep us posted on how you are doing.

Light and Love, Ginny C.

June 22, 2013

Hi Ginny,

How wonderful that your liver feels better. And your allergies are not as bad. This fasting information is so valuable.

I couldn’t wait for another three months (as I originally planned) to find out how my IGF-1 level is doing so, on June 13th, I had another blood test. In three months on the Fast Diet my IGF-1 level dropped 19 points (it was 109 on March 21st and, on June 13th, it was 90). The US recommended IGF-1 level is between 35 and 168.
Dr. Mosley’s IGF-1 level dropped 13 points in three months and I’d like to know how to compare that to my 19 points because in England they use a different scale of recommended numbers (his IGF-1 level was 28.6 before starting the fast diet and three months later it was 15.9). The English recommended IGF-1 level is between 11.3 and 30.9.

A lower number is better as it means you have a lower risk of developing a number of age-related diseases, such as cancer.

The only visible improvements in my health lately have been noticed by Sandy. When I couldn’t think of anything and I asked Dale and Sandy if they had, Sandy said “Yes, definitely, you are not wincing at loud noises like you used to and you’re not eating ice cream or potato chips anymore.” Wow, she’s right and I never thought of either one!

The loud noise problem I had was so bad that one day last year I asked at Costco about it (they have a department where they test people’s hearing) and the answer was that feeling pain when hearing a loud noise could be an indication of hearing loss. (One of the loud noises that made me wince was when someone sanding behind me in line at the grocery store would answer a cell phone and start talking — it felt like they were shouting right in my ear and it actually hurt.)

I could hear just fine when listening to people talk (calmly) in person or over the phone, but I was missing words when watching TV. Dale fixed that by turning on the Closed Caption feature on the TV. Now, I think I can hear what people are saying on the TV better, but I still like reading the printed words on the screen, especially when the words to a song that is being sung are shown.

Something as simple (and inexpensive) as fasting, which everyone seems to be able to do when they get a glucose or lipid profile blood test done, for 12 hours twice a day twice a week, seems like a small price to pay to get such huge improvements in our health like your liver pressure and allergies getting better and my shoulder pain and allergies getting better.

Your organic miso soup sounds like a good alternative to my vegetable soup. I just spent a few hours today trimming vegetables. I’m lucky I have the time, however, Dale is helping me even more now by using some new attachments he bought for our Bosch mixer and it cut the time I’m spending on the project every week by half (he cut up the green onions and leeks with the Bosch and all I had to do was trim them).

Thank you so much for your encouragement. I love being the guinea pig, especially when I have a gut feeling that the experiment will be a success.

Love, Bonnie

June 23, 2013

Hi Bonnie,

Fasting really is a small price to pay. Plus you’re not paying for a vitamin, mineral or machine. Its just our body doing what is natural for it.

I also forgot to mention that for 30 years I have been getting a chiropractic adjustment.  Basically since I was in a car accident 30 years ago. I get the adjustment once every couple of weeks. The adjustments are always hard to do.

The chiropractor has to really yank each adjustment. Plus only 1-2 alignments go into place. After a few weeks on the diet all the adjustments were very easy and 5-6 alignments went into place. The past few years I have felt my bones getting weaker. But with this diet I feel my bones are getting stronger.

I would love to have a Bosch. – But not now, plus I don’t have the time. Good to hear you do have the time.

Light and Love, Ginny


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