Can you think of an experience in your life that was traumatic?

After asking that question of 100's of people who are experiencing disease many identify some experience they had that was traumatic.

Some at first insist they have never experienced a trauma. Then, with some explanation of what trauma can be, they recognize and acknowledge that they did have a traumatic experience. One person who at first couldn't think of a traumatic experience admitted to being in 18 traffic accidents (I suggested that this might count as traumatic events).


The thing that makes a difference (and lower your resistance to disease) is whether you "hold on" to the event (trauma experience) or "let go" of the event.


VERY few people are equipped at birth to release a trauma event... and the basic training we are given is to hold it in.


Here is an example:
A baby cries: The input from the care giver is to shoosh him/her
Message "Be quiet" (hold it in)


So learning how to let go (release) of your traumatic experiences (events) that cause your stress is up to you.


We have put together a course to assist you in learning how to let go of your traumatic experiences (release):


This is a practical course and is not in conflict with any religious beliefs you may embrace.

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