Alzheimer’s Disease and/or Senile Dementia

By Bonnie O’Sullivan

Today I learned that a beloved relative has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease and/or Senile Dementia — the doctors aren’t sure which. As usual, I immediately wanted to share all the information I have about the condition with the victim’s family. And, as usual, I wasn’t asked. Nevertheless, I decided to enrich this newsletter with my research.

Dr. Hulda R. Clark’s Information on Alzheimer’s Disease

In the conversation with Tony Brown at the beginning of this newsletter, Dr. Clark indicates that she always detects the fluke Fasciolopsis buskii as well as the solvents Xylene and Toluene when she tests an Alzheimer’s patient with her Syncrometer. To avoid ingesting the solvents and allowing the Fasciolopsis buskii larva to hatch, she recommends that we stop eating processed food and beverages. To kill the Fasciolopsis buskii that have already hatched in the body she recommends taking Black Walnut Freeze Dried (BWFD); 2 capsules 4 times per day for four days before meals and at bedtime, then once a week take 3 capsules one time (for maintenance and testing). Small children should take 1 capsule 4 times per day for four days before meals and at bedtime, then 1 capsule once per week. With children you should pay attention to how they respond and adjust the dosage if needed. If you have pets they should be given the BWFD at same time as the human members of the family; one capsule (opened and sprinkled in the food of each pet) 2 times a day for four days, then 1 once per week. Larger dogs should have 2 capsules each time instead of one.

Weekly Test (Dale’s Dad suggested this test and those who use it swear by it):

Take 3 BWFD capsules once a week and watch your urine for small white spots or clouds. If you see white spots or clouds in your urine after you take the dose of 3 BWFD capsules, it means you have parasites again. This means you should again take 2 capsules 4 times per day for four days before meals and at bedtime.

Note: Everyone in the household should do the program at the same time. If they do not take the BWFD with the rest of the family they will reinfect the family.

Dr. Clark now recommends that you use the Zapper while you take the BWFD capsules! Also, use the Zapper one or more times per day every day for 15 days. Zap 3-4 times a week or a minimum of once per week for the rest of your life. The Zapper can be used for many things: fungus, molds, parasites, and bacteria. It even helps with virus. Our Zapper Deluxe model has a built in timer and low battery light. It comes with wrist straps and also has a switch to change it from continuous zapping to the original one hour and one minute session of "7 minutes on and 20 minutes off, three times." Pets can also be zapped. We have added pet harnesses to our product line, which are excellent for zapping your pets.

Note: To order Black Walnut Freeze Dried capsules and Zappers please see our order form.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) or Parasite Powder is a wonderful eliminator of parasites before they move from the digestive track into the cell structures of the body. And, while the Zapper does not reach the contents of the digestive tract, DE only works in the digestive tract. DE consists of pure, natural diatomic skeletons, an inert nontoxic powder that kills parasites by penetrating their epicuticles causing death by dehydration. DE is so safe that it is used by the USDA as an additive to grain for insect control. It does not have to be removed when the grain is ground into flour for human consumption because of its Food Grade rating.

DE is best taken 1 tsp. mixed with water before each meal. It can be taken for the rest of your life, especially if you are consistently exposed to parasites (such as eating uncooked vegetables). It’s wonderful for pets. You just sprinkle it on their food and mix it in (1/2 tsp. for small pets and 1 tsp. for larger pets — over 40 pounds). Bonus for pets: lightly dust on pet’s coat and rub it in — solves the problem of flea allergies without side effects.

DE is also a natural, effective, and safe insect control for around the house. It gets rid of insects without the danger of chemicals. Ants hate it! When an insect ventures into DE it absorbs their fluids. When an insect looses ten percent of its body fluid it dies!

Note: DE is listed as "Parasite Powder" on our order form.

Water Oz’s Information on Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s Protocol by Water Oz

Alzheimer’s Disease is a degenerative disease of the brain, characterized by clumps of neurofibrils and microscopic brain lesions and by confusion, disorientation, memory failure, and speech disturbances resulting in progressive loss of mental capacity. Studies have shown an excessive amount of aluminum in the brains of those with Alzheimer’s. Aluminum poisoning has been found to be neutralized by silica.

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DNR’s Information on Alzheimer’s Disease

Aging and Memory

Most people who live long enough experience aging and short-term memory loss. When you notice you are looking older than your years and experience a difficult time remembering things that just occurred or you just talked about, read this. You are not alone. Today’s environment is hazardous and contains pollutants that, once ingested or inhaled, block or disrupt the movement of natural chemical signals that are responsible for the skin’s reparative functions and the brain’s ability to remember.

DNR offers several products to help the body deal with the effects of aging. Our most powerful and effective solution for this topic is DHE-501, which is a Liquid Signals oral formulation.

DHE-501 incorporates the benefits of HGH, DHEA and SOD with other natural resources to make your body look and feel vitalized and energized. DHE-501 deals quickly with short-term memory problems.

DHE-501 — A formidable fighter against the causes of premature aging. Nothing can keep us alive forever. We are composed of matter and energy. And as we age, our physical structures begin to deteriorate and their functioning capabilities begin to lessen. Often our energy depends on how our body’s cells deal with toxic accumulations.

Researchers have known for several years that the motor neurons are the major target for oxidative damage which is a key factor affecting aging and life span. The motor neurons are the nerve cells responsible for mobility and movement of the body’s muscles.

Besides the motor neurons, there are trillions of other cells in the body, each containing hundreds of mitochondria, which together provide about 90% of the energy a cell needs to carry out its life processes.

Numerous studies of the mitochondria have shown that anything that impedes the flow of electrons through the respiratory system causes a decline in energy production. DHE-501 addresses the needed energy increase and the protection against the eventual energy drop-off in the cell. The cell’s ability to fight off free-radical molecules is essential in maintaining health and preventing premature aging.

DHE-501 has been encoded with select light wave frequencies that target areas of the body that are responsible for dealing with short term memory and the appearances and feelings of premature aging. DHE-501 provides the most potent and quick acting antioxidant properties.

No toxic drug — capsule — tablet or pill can provide the electrically charged energy the body’s cells require to fight off premature aging. Nor can they provide the full spectrum of subtle energy frequencies needed and found in DNR’s DHE-501. This formulation has been created to meet the energetic needs revealed in recent studies concerning cellular oxidation and how it relates to aging.

Each Liquid Signals oral formulation is encoded with a selection of light wave signals that can move through the body’s internal energy pathways to targeted areas where imbalance or natural energy problems may be occurring. These signals have been originally obtained from the energy of nutritional, herbal and other natural resources in nature that have been proven to deal effectively with health related conditions. What is special about these light energy formulations is that they are not based in toxic or synthetic compounds. Each resource that has been selected has been isolated from any harmful agent that accumulated while planting or growing. The energy frequency captured from every resource has been charged and intensified well beyond its original state.

DHR recommends taking Liquid Signals DHE-501 three times a day (each time add 5 drops to 3 oz. of water and drink all of it). To order DHE-501 please see our order form.

Don Tolman’s College Project on Alzheimer’s Disease:

Memory Improvement System

1) Increase distilled water consumption to one gallon per day

2) Stop drinking any other liquids

3) Eliminate dairy products

4) Increase high fiber foods

5) Get some sun 20-30 minutes per day at minimum with as much skin exposed as is safe. Do not use sun blocks. Start with small amounts of time if you are in a hot sun area.

6) Get mild exercise. Start with 10 minutes of walking and build additional minutes each day until you can walk for 60 minutes.

After as little as 15 days you will experience improvement. Continue for 60 days. In a controlled group 100% of the group had full recovery (9 Alzheimer patients).

Note: Since the above process includes no drugs or profit potential for big business there has been no interest in pursuing any further study of this natural Memory Improvement System.

Dr. Rudolph Cartwright’s Information on Alzheimer’s Disease:

Recovery of Memory

  1. Avoid dairy products. No cheese, ice cream, yogurt or milk (Critical for best results)
  2. No Rolaids, Tums or any other antacid drug that contains calcium (or aluminum as elevated bloodstream levels of aluminum have been implicated as a causative factor in the development of Alzheimer’s disease)
  3. No capsule, tablet, powder or liquid mineral supplement that contains calcium
  4. No mineral, spring or filtered water (drink only distilled water) (Critical)
  5. No diet sodas. Avoid aspartame! (Critical)
  6. Avoid anything sweetened with aspartame (Critical)
  7. No MSG (watch for it in chips, soups, Chinese food.)

Dr. Cartwright stated that once you become functional again, it doesn’t hurt to stay on this regimen for optimum mental clarity. "This is the best program to avoid Alzheimer’s."

Note: Dr. Cartwright practices at the Medical Center Hospital in Odessa, Texas. He has treated over 3,000 brain trauma patients since 1975, and over 7,000 cases in need of neurological help. He formulated the DEWS Neuro Boost tablets and Neuro Therex capsules on our order form.

Why I take patients off Calcium — by Dr. Rudolph Cartwright

Whenever there is an injury to the brain, the first thing a neurosurgeon does is give a calcium channel blocker. You have to block excess calcium from entering the cell. This has been done for over 15 years. Calcium has got to go. Bad stuff! Get rid of it!

Even if you don’t have a brain injury, you don’t want too much calcium floating around in the bloodstream. Other than humans, there are no animals on the face of the earth that feed their young milk after the age of three. Degeneration anywhere in the brain means too much calcium.

If you are accident prone, or have visual-spatial problems, the chances are strong that you may have Alzheimer’s — regardless of your age. The area of the brain affected is the same in each case. A doctor friend of mine had a father who couldn’t hit a golf ball, yet his memory was fine. He couldn’t drive into his garage without hitting the wall. He eventually developed Alzheimer’s. In my opinion, the reason people develop Alzheimer’s is that too much calcium seeps into critical areas of the brain.

Calcium and other minerals are good for the body —
if they are in the right form

By Bonnie O’Sullivan

The body absorbs only 10 % of the calcium in bone meal or dolomite and 35% of the calcium in supplements such as calcium carbonate, calcium lactate, calcium citrate, calcium gluconate, calcium hydroxyapatite and protein chelated calcium (the rest is lost in the feces). The majority of the mineral molecules absorbed from these supplements are too large to be used by the cells of the body so the body stores them in the soft tissues. By using these supplements (to prevent osteoporosis, etc.) we are inviting senile dementia, bone spurs and hardening of the arteries.

Do not be fooled by the "Test" that some experts recommend for checking your mineral supplement for absorption. The test consists of dropping two of your calcium tablets into a glass containing six ounces of vinegar, waiting 30 minutes — stirring every two to three minutes — and watching to see if the tablets break up into small fragments. If they do, the experts say, they are probably dissolving well in the stomach. This is not good enough! The minerals must be angstrom size before they can be absorbed into the cells of the body. Water Oz minerals absorb 100% into the upper stomach and therefore bypass the digestive process. They are angstrom size, water-soluble and able to grow crystals, which makes them identical to the organic minerals found in vegetables — and are therefore good for the body.

Note: To order Water Oz minerals please see our order form.

EDTA Chelation Therapy

An excerpt from the Web Site (written by Garry Gordon, M.D.)

EDTA chelation is a therapy by which repeated administrations of a weak synthetic amino acid (EDTA, ethylenediamine tetra-acetic acid) gradually reduce atherosclerotic plaque and other mineral deposits throughout the cardiovascular system by literally dissolving them away.)

EDTA by I.V.: The EDTA I.V. therapy has a direct and powerful effect on the body almost instantaneously. An I.V. session usually lasts about 3 to 4 hours, during which about 1500 mg. to 3000 mg. of EDTA (plus vitamin C and other nutrients) are administered. The number of treatments necessary (generally about 20-50 sessions) depends on the individual’s condition.

EDTA by Oral Administration (capsules or tablets): Only about 3% to 8% of an oral dose of EDTA is absorbed, compared with 100% of an I.V. dose. Therefore, the time and dosage required to achieve the same benefits with the oral form are quite different. What can be achieved in only a few hours with I.V. EDTA chelation may take several weeks or months with oral EDTA chelation. However, oral EDTA may be appropriate for people whose condition does not demand rapid action. For example, oral chelation can be used to:

Oral EDTA is not meant to replace I.V. therapy for those people who have serious vascular disease. It is very useful, though, for people who have completed an I.V. course and want to stay on a maintenance program, for people who "for whatever reason" are unable or unwilling to undergo I.V. chelation, and for those whose I.V. treatments may have been interrupted.


Prevents cholesterol deposits
Reduces blood cholesterol levels
Lowers high blood pressure
Avoids by-pass surgery
Avoids angioplasty
Reserves digitalis toxicity
Removes calcium from atherosclerotic plaques
Dissolves intra-arterial blood clots
Normalizes cardiac arrythmias
Has an anti-aging effect
Reduces excessive heart contractions
Increases intracellular potassium
Reduces heart irritability
Improves heart function
Removes mineral and drug deposits
Dissolves kidney stones
Reduces serum iron levels
Reduces heart valve calcification
Reduces varicose veins

Heals calcified necrotic ulcers
Reduces intermittent claudication
Improves vision in diabetic retinopathy
Decreases macular degeneration
Dissolves small cataracts
Eliminates heavy metal toxicity
Makes arterial walls more flexible
Prevents osteoarthritis
Reduces rheumatoid arthritis symptoms
Lowers diabetics’ insulin needs
Reduces Alzheimer-like symptoms
Reverses senility
Reduce stroke/heart attack after-effects
Prevents cancer
Improves memory
Reverses diabetic gangrene
Restores impaired vision
Detoxifies snake and spider venoms

Adapted from Walker M., Gordon G., Douglass W.C. The Chelation Answer

This is Bonnie again:

Water Oz Minerals Are Another Form of Chelation

You can remove toxic minerals from the body by replacing them with Water Oz minerals. Mixed with distilled water and taken daily, Water Oz minerals will gradually eliminate the toxic minerals because once the body has the useable minerals it needs it will then release the toxic, non-useable, stored minerals and allow them to be flushed from the system.