Dear Bonnie, December 14, 2001

After reading "What I would do if I were diagnosed with brain cancer," in your latest newsletter, I had to write to tell you that I think you left out an important piece of information. I would have included Liquid Needlesí "soaks." Please give the enclosed information about the soaks to your relative who has the inoperable brain tumor. I have personally had amazing results using the soaks, but I also know of a young man whose inoperable brain cancer was completely gone in 11 days after he used the soaks four times a day during those 11 days.

My experience with the soaks is that I finally got results in ridding my body of heavy metals by using them. I had tried for many years to get rid of the heavy metals or even get laboratory results that would confirm that I was toxic with them. In the past, even though I had the symptoms of heavy metal poisoning, whenever I sent my hair to a laboratory for testing nothing would show up. But after I started using the soaks, the tests came back showing that I was excreting heavy metals off the chart ó mercury pouring out of my head, as well as aluminum and cadmium. Just because something doesnít show up on a hair test doesnít mean you donít have it. If you have symptoms and nothing shows up, it just means that itís lodged in your tissues. My toxicity has been steadily going down since I started doing the soaks, which was over a year ago. To check on how Iím doing, I have my hair and stool tested, because thatís where most of the heavy metals are excreted.

Tom Slider is the practitioner who helped the brain cancer patient. Tom does phone consultations and also gives seminars about the soaks. His number is (561) 627-4909. Since DNR is a multilevel company, if you choose to make an appointment with Tom, you should use his name and ID number when ordering the soaks he recommends.

There are different soaks for different conditions. The soak that is recommended for tumors and other serious conditions is called the coffee soak or COF 130 (extra strength). It doesnít actually have coffee in it, but it has the energy ó the light and sound waves ó of coffee. The soaks come in 32 oz. bottles and you pour 4 oz. into a tub of comfortably hot water, mix well, and sit in the tub water for 30 minutes. Itís recommended that you try to soak every part of your body (10 minutes on each side and then lying back and submerging your head for the last 10 minutes). After one or two soaks you use 8 oz. per soak. They also have small bottles of different formulas that you use for either putting on acupuncture points (hence the name "Liquid Needles") or for drinking, mixed into a few ounces of water. Another product DNR has is EVB extra strength, which is a liquid that comes in 8 oz. bottles that you use by mixing 2 tsp. into a quart of water and sipping throughout the day. (I always ask for "extra strength" when ordering any of the Liquid Needle products because I find that the extra strength versions work best for me.)


El Cerrito, CA

[Note by Bonnie: A multilevel company, Developmental Natural Resources (DNR), sells The Liquid Needle soaks. If you would like more information about them please call my order number, (800) 651-7080, and ask for the Free DNR Kit. To order the soaks right away please call DNR directly at (800) 886-6222 and use my name and ID number, #106188. or visit