Resurrection! The Cause of Cancer Re-Discovered

or What The Literature Says About the Cause, Prevention and Treatment of Cancer

a review by the author, E. Donald Wilson, B.Sc.

There are literally hundreds of books about ways to treat or beat cancer. Can the market stand another one?

Only if it has something different to offer. This book does just that!

The author had cancer 18 years ago and went through the horrible experience of radiation and chemo. But he also started reading books and technical papers, etc., and he made some startling discoveries, such as:

In bringing these findings to the attention of the reader, the book presents the best-ever summary of the history of the development of the microbial theory of cancer. It presents the informed opinions of a researcher that provide a logical explanation of why the CMC has produced little of benefit to the cancer victim. It cites the stories of six medical doctors who cured their own cancer using alternative therapies. And it includes a priceless article, the result of an extensive search of the literature on the question of whether organic foods are really superior. The results and conclusions are startling!

This book provides the cancer victim, and any person worried about being diagnosed with cancer, with an easy-to-read bonanza of information on its prevention and many options for its treatment. This will be a godsend, especially for the newly diagnosed patient. There are so many books, some of them several hundreds of pages long, while the patient wants more or less instant information. Here is the story in less than 100 pages, not including the appendices, glossary, references and index. (To order this book see Order Form enclosed.)

This is Bonnie again: In this book I found an answer to a question I have had since 1982!

Question: "Why did the Gerson Clinic serve patients, twice a day, a ˝ glass of raw, organic calves liver juice — the staff ground and pressed the liver fresh twice a day — mixed with a ˝ glass of carrot juice?" (They now use desiccated liver capsules instead.) (Please see our order form for desiccated liver tablets.)

Answer: Abscisic Acid

"Abscisic acid is a supplement you will not find in a health food store. Based on her research, Dr. Livingston-Wheeler determined that abscisic acid neutralizes the effect of chorionic gonadotropin, the hormone that protects the fetus from being rejected, and she classed it as her prime supplement in treating cancer. Livingston-Wheeler discovered that cancer cells (or the microbes associated with them) produce a substance very similar to chorionic gonadotropin. Abscisic acid is a close relative of Vitamin A. In her book, The Conquest of Cancer; Livingston-Wheeler describes how you can make abscisic acid.

"Add one teaspoon of raw liver powder to an 8 oz glass of carrot juice (must be organic). Stir and let stand for fifteen to twenty minutes and then drink it.

"The enzymes in the liver powder convert some of the Vitamin A in the carrot juice into abscisic acid."

In closing I would like to share this testimonial with you: