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Using "The Clark Method" Newsletter

by Bonnie O’Sullivan

November/December 2000 Number 36


Dear Friends,

Our precious daughter-in-law, Nancy, is going through what many of us have gone through; someone she loves has cancer. Her nephew, Danny, for whom she baby-sat and who, 9 years ago, lived with her and her family while he attended college, was told he has 6 months to live. Nancy and Bill (Bonnie’s son) and everyone in the family are devastated.Danny is married and he and his wife have 3 young sons. He has 3 rapidly growing brain tumors. His doctor operated, which left him with a reduction of ⅓ of the mass of one tumor, no reduction of the other two, and double vision. His doctor did not advise radiation at first. He said it would reduce Danny’s mental capacity due to the area of the brain involved. However, he changed his mind and with the family’s permission (I was not consulted at this time), Danny underwent a series of radiation treatments. Chemotherapy was also ruled out at first. But, just as Danny finished radiation treatments, his doctor discovered an experimental chemotherapy that looked promising and asked Danny to sign the papers that allowed the doctor to prescribe it for him. Danny is now taking chemotherapy.

Nancy asked me what I would do if I were diagnosed with brain cancer. The following is my reply:

What I would do if I were diagnosed with brain cancer

  1. Ask everyone to pray for my recovery and hope that my belief in my body’s healing power is more powerful than my belief in what conventional doctors tell me.Take Dr. Kelley’s Formula Ca+ pancreatic enzyme capsules in the highest amount possible. Both Dr. Kelley and Dr. Clark recommend pancreatic enzymes as they are known to digest cancer cells. A healthy production of pancreatic enzymes is the reason people without cancer are cancer free — their bodies produce these enzymes and digest cancer cells as quickly as they develop. (Please see the enclosed Cancer Handbook by Carol Morrison-Kelley, M.D., F.A.C.C. and William Donald Kelley, D.D.S., M.S.)Take coffee enemas every 4 hours during the day. Directions are on pages 24-25 of One Answer To Cancer by William Donald Kelley, D.D.S., M.S. This helps remove toxins circulating in the bloodstream and/or stored in the liver and gall bladder.Zap with a Zapper (to remove parasites, fungus, bacteria and viruses) for an hour 3 times daily and/or Zap with a Rife Machine set on the cancer frequencies daily. (Please call for a transcript of an interview between Dale and Spencer Feldman, who designs Rife machines. In the interview Spencer explains how to interpret blood tests for cancer.)Take the WaterOz liquid mineral protocol for cancer daily for 2-3 months, then reduce the amount by ½ to ⅓ for maintenance. WaterOz minerals supplement the diet with the organic minerals found in 13 or more glasses of fresh, organic fruit and vegetable juice a day. WaterOz minerals increase the body’s ability to make enzymes and hormones, eliminate harmful inorganic minerals, and conduct electricity. (Zapping will be much more effective when your cells have been enriched with these organic minerals.)Drink distilled water (divide your body weight in half and change the number of pounds into ounces and drink that many oz. of distilled water daily). (Please see Distilled Water — The Choice Is Clear on page 15.)Take freeze-dried green black walnut hull capsules, 2 capsules 4 times a day for four days. Thereafter take 3 capsules once a week and watch urine for small white spots or clouds — signs of dead parasites. If these are seen, take the 2 capsules 4 times a day for another 2-4 days. Dr. Clark has stated: "Freeze dried green black walnut is so potent you don’t need cloves and wormwood, provided you take it at 8 capsules a day." Dr. Clark discovered, using her Syncrometer, that this treatment kills 80-90 different parasites.Take Dr. Clark’s Kidney Cleanse and continue taking it daily for 2 months.After 2 weeks to one month on Dr. Clark’s Kidney Cleanse do Dr. Clark’s Liver Cleanse. (The directions are in each of Dr. Clark’s books, except the Syncrometer Manual.)PlateZap with Dr. Clark’s Zapper with the correct anatomy/parasite slides. (Directions for PlateZapping are in The Road To Health Newsletter, Issue #34.)Drink ozonated olive oil and water. PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) lower your immunity and disturb liver and kidney function. Dr. Clark says PCBs act as insulators in the human body and obstruct Zapper current. Dr. Clark uses ozonated olive oil to rid the body of PCBs (and also tapeworms). The recipe is: ½ cup olive oil, ozonated for 25 minutes with PortaZone or PlazmaOne PortaZone, ½ cup water, ozonated for 5 minutes, and ½ cup grapefruit juice. Mix well and drink on an empty stomach. You can make ozonated olive oil and water with either ozonator above (to order see Order Form).Sit in direct (or indirect if there is concern about sunburn) sunlight for ½ hour daily or sit next to a full spectrum light box for 6 hours daily. Full spectrum light plays a critical role in all cellular functions, strengthens your immune system and banishes depression. (I would also invest in a far-infrared lamp and use it 3 times daily.)
  2. Take 1 or 2 Tbs. of flaxseed oil daily for 6 months, and then take 1 or 2 Tbs. of hempseed oil daily as maintenance. This gives the body the essential fatty acids to maintain life. A fatty acid is considered essential if 1) the body is unable to synthesize it and 2) the only way it can be obtained is through the diet. In addition, it is considered essential if a deficiency will cause a disease. [See Budwig’s life-giving Oil-Protein Mixture, page 14.)
  3. Note: One of the significant aspects of Dr. Budwig's work is that she has discovered, (or rather rediscovered) the affinity of the human body with the sun. If the body has the right balance of oils and proteins, it has a magnetic field that attracts the photons in sunlight and thus becomes open to the healing powers of the sun. I tried Dr. Budwig's methods for general health improvement, and I was amazed that within even less than the three days she predicted, I felt an incredible improvement in so many areas that it would take too much time to describe it here. I then recommended it to several members of our Ashram and those who took it seriously had similar experiences to mine. We all felt an increased feeling of general well-being, a feeling of lightness, more energy, better circulation and, when in the sun, I felt the healing power of the sun affecting my skin much differently than before. Also, every week or two, I become aware of feeling better in different ways. Old aches go away, my skin improves and I am able to do things better. One woman felt so good about it that she gave it to her children and said that right away she could see improvements in their skin tone. As she spoke, I saw that her own skin had more color and was radiant. And this was only about two days after she started taking the oil-protein combination. (Source: Internet) (For more on Budwig see Budwig, Flax Oil, & Protein by Udo Erasmus, page 11.)

  4. Stop eating trans-fats (trans fatty acids) as they are the exact opposite of the essential fatty acids. Studies done on test animals in the 1970s showed that trans-fats are incorporated into cells, causing a loss in efficiency. Overall, they deplete the amounts of essential fatty acids and vitamin E in the body. (Journal of Nutrition 1979; 109:1759-1766). (At that time, Europe limited the trans-fats that could be used in margarine products; the U.S. did not.) Avoid any fat containing product that "keeps," such as; margarine, frying or salad oils, mayonnaise, peanut butter, chips, crackers, cookies, etc. "Partially hydrogenated" means "trans-fats." (Please read Budwig’s story about trans-fats, page 11, top half — it makes a lasting impression and will help you remember why you are avoiding trans-fats.)Take WaterOz EPN (Enzyme PhytoNutrient), 1 Tbs. daily. EPN is made from soybean seeds that are completely digested by a revolutionary new process. EPN has been proven to help the cells of the body communicate with each other. It gives energy to every cell in the body. EPN helps to eliminate depression in people who suffer from depression.Take Parasite Powder (Diatomaceous Earth), 1 tsp. in the morning daily. Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth gets rid of parasites in the intestinal tract. It works by dehydration. When it touches a parasite it damages it by abrasion, which hemorrhages the parasite. When a parasite looses ten percent of its body fluid it dies! Diatomaceous Earth is so safe (for ingestion by humans and animals) that the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) approves of its use as an additive to grain for insect control. The Diatomaceous Earth does not have to be removed when the grain is ground into flour for human consumption because of its food grade rating.Increase oxygen intake with a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. At a recent informal question and answer session Dr. Clark was asked what she would like most for Christmas. Her answer was: "A hyperbaric oxygen chamber for my patients."Remove all silver/mercury amalgams from teeth and replace with Targas brand acrylic (or any material that is hardened enough not to release its toxins into the body).Remove all root canal filled teeth and cavitations from previously pulled teeth.
  5. Eat only organic* vegetables, fruit and meats.**
  6. *Note: Resurrection! The Cause of Cancer Re-Discovered by E. Donald Wilson, B.Sc. includes a priceless article, which is the result of an extensive search of the literature, on the question of whether organic foods are really superior. (Please see Don Wilson’s review of his book on page 21.)

    **Note: My metabolic type is Type 2 (a meat eater), which means I digest grains poorly, hence I would avoid grains. (You can learn which metabolic type you are by taking Dr. Kelley’s Self Test for the Different Metabolic Types.)

    Special 2 for 1 Sale: Dr. Kelley’s books; One Answer to Cancer and his Self Test for the Different Metabolic Types are now on sale: Buy 2 of one or one of each for $27.77 (shipping is included).

  7. Take daily: CoQ10, Vitamins A, B Complex, C, D, E, amino acids, and Nutri-Quick protein powder.Take Thymic Protein A packets, 3-5 daily. Thymic Protein A helps to restore cellular immune function whether damage is due to disease, environmental stress, or aging.Take Dews SAMe (2 daily). SAMe is a compound that our bodies produce from the amino acid methionine. It is present in every living cell of the body and plays a critical role in many cellular functions such as cartilage formation and serotonin levels in the brain. Studies show that SAMe is able to cross the blood-brain barrier to positively affect the synthesis of serotonin, a neurotransmitter which affects mood.Shower with filtered water — and replace filter frequently. (Chlorine is absorbed through the skin and inhaled when we stand in the shower stall under hot, chlorinated water.)Remove all chemical air fresheners, cleaners, insecticides and solvents from home and use only unscented and petroleum-free body products.
  8. Do not park your car in a garage that is attached to your home.

Note: A report by the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta showed that during one 10 year period, from 878 to 1,513 deaths annually were caused by unintentional carbon monoxide poisoning. "Many people suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning have no idea why they aren’t feeling good," Dr. Gordon Gakenjii of the Oil and Petroleum Products Research Institute said in a public statement recently. "Carbon monoxide is a silent killer, as invisible and treacherous as a ninja." But ninjas always kill their victims — or die trying, he points out. Carbon monoxide may kill — or it may physically or mentally cripple its victims for a lifetime. "Every winter people die, and other people suffer permanent damage to their brains, hearts and other vital organs because of exposure to this silent, invisible crippler," Dr. Gakenjii says. An honors student at St. Mary’s College in South Bend, Ind., was forced to drop out of school because she couldn’t remember assignments or which class she had scheduled. She suffered permanent brain damage from the colorless, odorless gas that seeped into her off-campus apartment from a neighbor’s garage while his car was warming up on cold winter mornings. Never allow your vehicle to idle inside of a garage — especially if the structure is attached to your home. Early poisoning symptoms may include headaches, dizziness and nausea, according to the CDC and Dr. Gakenjii. "Install a carbon-monoxide detector in bedrooms, hallways and other locations if you must park your car in an attached garage. (Source: Contra Costa Times Newspaper, November 2, 2000)

A conversation between Dr. Clark and Tony Brown, May 2000

Part II

Tony Brown: Is there any danger to a person who is being tested with a Syncrometer of the electricity going through their body?

Dr. Clark: No. I’ve never seen any side effects. Of course the voltage is very small. There is a 9-volt battery in it and what is coming out is about 4½ to 6 volts. And that’s all we need to pick up on the internal organs of the body. Tony Brown: It would seem that your theory is the antithesis of traditional medical practice. Why are you not critical of medical doctors? Dr. Clark: They are doing their best. They are scientists in their training, but they can’t apply their science. They have to fit into the system and the system isn’t made so that they can apply their scientific training. They have to go by the protocols already in place and abide by them or lose their licenses or somehow no longer be in that profession. Tony Brown: How does the traditional practice of medicine differ from what you do? Dr. Clark: As night and day. I would look at a blood test and immediately see that here is a slightly high BUN (blood/urea/nitrogen) and that lets me know that there is a high level of bacteria in that person. Yet a clinician would look at that and say "Oh, it’s not important yet, it’s not over the top — it’s not out of range at the high side." Yet, I know that we have to go after some bacterial invasion. Now, there may be an especially diligent doctor who thinks that since it is near the top you should go after something. They have been trained to think that such a BUN value represents failing kidneys, so they would probably go after kidney support, whereas my Syncrometer data has shown me that it is not a kidney problem, it is a bacterial invasion problem. And it’s very easy to find which bacteria they are and you solve it in less than a week. Tony Brown: Are you saying that your orientation is cure and the medical profession’s orientation is treatment of symptoms? Dr. Clark: Yes. I think that is the correct distinction. Because, if you are finding the real underlying cause of an illness or wellness, then I think you’re on the road to finding the cure. It’s a process difference. If you are looking for something that makes you feel better — makes the symptoms go away — you are looking for a treatment. Tony Brown: Now, this is at the heart of where your critics are. We are going to talk later extensively about your approach to cancer in particular and to what we call AIDS, but they say that the people who leave you and that you call cured aren’t cured, because you don’t see them again. Whereas in conventional medicine they have a five-year window and if there is a reoccurrence in five years they don’t call it a cure. Dr. Clark: For example, suppose your disease — we’ll call it a disease — was a whole bunch of little red, itchy bumps, say around your ankles and your waist, and you were given some kind of a lotion that made them instantly disappear. And then, on your own, you found that it was fleabites. They (the person who gave you the lotion) didn’t find what the cause was, but they got rid of the symptoms. Tony Brown: Hypothetically, I have a benign tumor. Should I be concerned? Dr. Clark: You should be very concerned. Tony Brown: Why? Dr. Clark: Because it tells us that we now have a dozen things in us that enables us to make tumors. And that one little one that we first see gives us that information — it’s the warning bell. Tony Brown: And at that stage we should begin to do what? Dr. Clark: Clean up. Tony Brown: Clean up what, our bodies? Dr. Clark: Get those dozen things that I find in all tumors out of us. Tony Brown: How do we do that? Dr. Clark: We kill parasites. Several parasites are involved. We get rid of all the dye — colored food, colored beverages, and colored hair dye. And we stop eating asbestos. Tony Brown: Stop eating asbestos? Dr. Clark: Yes, we stop eating asbestos; it’s a much more important thing than to stop breathing it. We are eating it in all of our produce. We have to learn how to wash it off. It’s pretty easy, but we have to do it. We also have to stop having magnetic metal put in our mouths — we have to stop sucking on metal.[Note from Bonnie: The procedure to remove asbestos from produce is to place the produce into hot water (not hot enough to burn your hands, because that much heat would damage the produce) and let it soak for one minute (not longer because longer would allow the toxins to re-enter the food). Remove the produce and dry it thoroughly. Then place it into a fresh pot of hot water and let it soak for one more minute. Remove the produce and dry it thoroughly again. (White paper towels are recommended for drying the produce and the towels may be dried and used over.) All produce, including bananas and avocados, must be soaked in hot water twice for one minute each time, drying both times. (For further details, such as sterilizing instructions using HCL, see Food Rules on pages 517 through 527 of The Cure For All Advanced Cancers by Dr. Clark.)] Tony Brown: Why should we get the mercury (metal) out of our mouths? Dr. Clark: There’s a very big contribution of toxic metal to cancer tumor growth. And with such a bad association it seems to me to be obvious that we should not be sucking on it all day, which is what we do to our tooth fillings. Tony Brown: Say I want to take all the metal out of my mouth, whatever it is. Isn’t it dangerous if I go to a dentist who’s just going to pull my teeth — would not all this toxic metal that is released, based on what you say, then just overwhelm my system? Dr. Clark: No, I have a section in the book called Dental Aftercare and it’s a homemade kind of treatment where you use hot water packs and so on to heal your mouth and you do not have a problem with removing it. None of the metal things that we put in our teeth are at all pure. They are terribly polluted. It would be impossible commercially to produce pure metal. Yet, what metal is polluted with, if you can call it pollution, is magnetic elements. There are a whole bunch of them — about 15 magnetic elements — and they are the ones that are lowering our immunity, together with asbestos. So, those are the most important things that a person who has a small benign tumor somewhere needs to do. Tony Brown: So, how would you recommend that we clean our bodies if we have a warning sign — or we don’t have a warning sign — we just want to practice self health — we want to have good health? What do we do? You have a Liver and a Kidney Cleanse, do you not? Dr. Clark: Yes. You do this ancient treatment whereby you cause the liver to push out what is in the bile ducts. It should, of course, be bile, but often it’s very poor bile — it isn’t even green — and it’s full of cholesterol crystals. It’s an easy way to get rid of a lot of cholesterol. Tony Brown: Gall stones? Dr. Clark: Yes, that too. They’re not the kind of stone that you might get out of the gall bladder when you’ve had surgery for stones — those look different and are calcified. Tony Brown: Now, lets go back to the cleaning. We want to cleanse our kidneys and we want to cleanse our liver. Dr. Clark: Yes, but it is better to do a Kidney Cleanse first, because when your kidneys are in good shape and you’ve increased your water consumption to help them along, then the results of the Liver Cleanse, which is a gush of all this terribly foul, toxic material from the bile duct, won’t affect your body so much. See, what you pull out of the liver, this very toxic stuff, can spread into your body — out come bacteria and viruses, too — and if you have a good elimination system, especially the kidneys, then you never have a problem with it. You don’t feel sick. Tony Brown: Then the liver is the organ that really discharges the toxins and the poisons from our body. So, therefore, if the liver isn’t working we’re in real serious trouble. Dr. Clark: Yes. Tony Brown: Now, what are your steps. What do we use? Dr. Clark: For the Kidney Cleanse I picked about a half a dozen herbs that are easily available — you can order them easily — that have been known back to antiquity to help the kidneys. Some of them dissolve kidney stones, some of them relieve pain in the kidney, and some are diuretic, which is very good for you. Tony Brown: That makes you discharge liquids from your body? Dr. Clark: Yes. And you’re supposed to drink a lot of water with it and then you have, in a way, cleaned up your filtering system, which are your kidneys. And that’s amazing, because say in a car, once the filter is clogged and doesn’t work very well, you have to get a new one! Tony Brown: Now, you’re real, real high on green, black walnut hull — is that an herb? Dr. Clark: Yes. Tony Brown: In combination with two other herbs? Dr. Clark: Yes, cloves and wormwood. Tony Brown: Would you repeat the three for me? Dr. Clark: The green hull of the black walnut tree’s nut, cloves — just the same as you cook or bake with — and wormwood, which is an ancient anti-parasite treatment. Tony Brown: Now, I did a lot of research and verified that there is a body of research as to the scientific usefulness of those three herbs. That doesn’t mean that in combination they are going to do what you say, but there is some scientific history of those three herbs. What do those three herbs in combination do for the body? Dr. Clark: It kills nearly all the parasites that I ever tested for, which was around 80 or 90 different parasites. It does not kill toxoplasma because that is intracellular and it does not kill Candida because that is also intracellular. There are a number of things it does not kill, but when it can kill nearly all of the common parasites that have a fleshy body to them and that we find so loathsome, it is very valuable. Tony Brown: Do you make the claim that using those three herbs in combination cures cancer? Dr. Clark: No, I don’t. I say that those three herbs in combination plus an electrical treatment (Zapper treatment) is the right cure of a malignancy. Tony Brown: How are you so certain in each case that you have cured the person? Dr. Clark: We use scanning techniques and we do blood tests. You can tell if a tumor has shrunk or not. It isn’t that difficult to see if the blood test improved or not. I realized this kind of criticism would come along; that’s why I saved 50 sets of X-rays, before and after, and all the blood tests, and that’s what I published in the last book (The Cure For All Advanced Cancers). Tony Brown: Now this is where you really go head on with your critics because when you use the words "cure cancer" some of them go ballistic. Dr. Clark: I eliminate the cause. Tony Brown: I’ve got a ton of things here from the Internet and they say that’s just crazy, they call you bad names, they say it’s not good medicine; it’s bad information for the public. Dr. Clark: Yes. It’s not good "medicine," that’s certainly true. But, it is good pursuit of cause and effect.[Transcribed from Tony Brown’s Journal (Shows #2308 to #2311), (212) 575-0876]Note: Dr. Clark has published the following books:

  1. The Cure for All Cancers, 1993 — update printed in 1998, same ISBN # (623 pages). The Cure for HIV and AIDS, 1994 — update printed in 1997, same ISBN # (543 pages). The Cure for All Diseases, 1995 (604 pages). The Cure for All Advanced Cancers (Including hard evidence of tumor shrinkage and disappearance), 1999 (610 pages).
  2. Syncrometer Science Laboratory Manual, 2000 (the Preliminary Edition has 71 pages).

The Fats Domino Effect

"Bad fats" yield a cascade of side effects. "Good fats" can relieve injuries such as tennis and golf elbow and heal the heart.

by Betty Kamen, Ph.D. (Alternative Medicine, November 2000, page 104)

Relief for repetitive-motion injuries

At long last, it is recognized by the traditional medical community that a combination of antioxidants and essential fatty acids ("good fats") appears to be an effective treatment for repetitive-motion injuries such as "tennis elbow" and "golf elbow." The results of research confirm clinical observations that inflammatory injuries can be treated without the use of NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). In addition, athletes can train actively while receiving treatment.The researchers explain: "Strenuous exercise is known to produce an overload of harmful free radicals that damage healthy cells by oxidizing the phospholipids (a group of essential biochemicals such as lecithin that contain fats) in the cell membrane."Antioxidants neutralize free radicals by readily combining with them, and thus limiting their destructive impact. That is why it is so essential that athletes make sure to get adequate amounts of antioxidants to help protect themselves against repetitive stress injuries.

Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are important for healing because they support the body’s production of beneficial type 1 and 3 prostaglandins, substances that work minute by minute to counteract pain and inflammation.

Fats are the hot topic at the American Heart Association

At a recent American Heart Association (AHA) conference, it was reported that the food label changes proposed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) could prevent thousands of heart attacks and deaths. Trans-fatty acids, unnatural fats created to improve shelf life in baked and fried goods, are targeted.The proposal by the FDA to include trans-fatty acid content on food labels is something we have been making noises about for decades (and which we discussed in this column in issue #36 of Alternative Medicine Magazine). It is now acknowledged that this simple measure could prevent up to 17,100 heart attacks and 5,600 deaths per year.It is assumed that 100% of trans-fats (also called hydrogenated fats) would be removed from margarines soon after the labeling change. In this scenario alone, approximately 6,300 heart attacks and 2,100 deaths a year in the U.S. would be prevented, the researchers estimate. In a separate analysis, the researchers assumed that by seven years after the labeling change, trans-fats would also be eliminated from 3% of breads and cakes and from 15% of cookies and crackers. These total changes would result in the prevention of 17,100 heart attacks and 5,600 deaths, according to their model.

The labeling change proposed by the FDA could result in health care cost savings of $25 billion to $59 billion over 20 years. The cost to change the labels and reformulate products would be $401 million to $854 million. It was indicated that it would take about 10 years to realize the health benefits from the labeling change on a populaiton-wide basis. Well, better late than never!

The ideal diet for reducing cardiovascular risk

Another report from the AHA gathering was that lowering total fat intake is not very effective in reducing the risk of heart disease. Reducing total fat intake by increasing carbohydrate intake does not lower the ratio of total cholesterol to HDL cholesterol, according to evidence presented at the American Heart Association conference. After studying the results of 59 clinical trials, a researcher from the Netherlands explained that lowering total fat intake is probably not a very effective strategy for reducing cardiovascular disease risk (CVD)."The ideal diet for CVD prevention contains a mixture of omega-9, -6, and -3 cis-unsaturated fatty acids and is virtually free from trans-fatty acids, and is low in saturates."Flax seed oil contains omega-3 and -6.Black currant seed oil contains omega-3 and -6.Fish is best for omega-3.Evening primrose oil contains only omega-6.

Olive oil contains omega-9.

Fish provide one of the best dietary sources for omega-3 fatty acids

Other researchers presented evidence that omega-3 fatty acids may have beneficial effects on blood pressure, platelet function (for the clotting of blood) and endothelial function (the endothelium is the layer of cells lining the heart and blood and lymph vessels).Omega-3 fatty acids "may have a dose-dependent response in reducing blood pressure in hypertensive individuals" explained one of the researchers. "Supplementation of diet with omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, typically 3 grams per day, can lower blood pressure in untreated hypertensives."Trans-fatty acids had the most adverse effect on cholesterol rations. (Have we not been saying this for years?) The researcher suggested that the food industry could play an important role in this regard by modifying the fatty acid content of foods. Sources: American Heart Association conference in Reston, Virginia, June 2000; Reuters Medical News, June 07, 2000; Reuters Medical News, May 30, 2000; Reuters Medical News, April 27, 2000.

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More from Bonnie:

Dr. Johanna Budwig, a German M.D. and researcher, carried out most of the early research on fatty acids in the 1940s and 1950s. Her techniques were the first to separate and identify fats from a drop of blood. She was also the first to warn the public about trans-fats although that term was not yet coined. Over ½ a century ago, while she was Germany’s Senior Consultant Expert for Fats, she investigated the high temperature treatment of fish oils (for the purpose of making them keep longer and killing their fishy taste), that were used in making margarine by the margarine industry. She came to the conclusion that these oils do great harm to the entire internal glandular system, as well as to the liver and other organs and are therefore not suitable for human consumption. This was her official verdict prepared for the German Ministry of Foods in 1951. In 1955 she received the following answer from the Ministry of Foods: "Banning these heat-treated fish oils is ‘being considered’ as tests in other institutes have now shown that these fish oils are very harmful to both humans and animals, as they disrupt the functioning of the glands and poison the liver, which rapidly leads to death." (Today, these fats are still commercially available!)Dr. Budwig tells a story that I will never forget: "When, after 50,000 tons of the above mentioned fats had been bought by the margarine industry and selling this amount of these fats became difficult, a cattle-feed firm was quickly called into being for the production of so-called ‘high energy feed cakes’ for fattening pigs. These feed cakes contained large amounts of edible barley, heat-treated fish oils, together with bone meal. Later, 50% of the pigs fattened on the feed cakes turned blue and died on the way to the slaughterhouse.

"Furthermore, I also know of farmers whose young cattle have been harmed or have even died through such ‘high-energy feed cakes.’ I know that many butchers who are real experts at their job, are themselves aware of the fact that the meat, in the condition it often reaches them nowadays, is no longer fit for human consumption. If we, then, by the indirect method of such unbiologically fattened livestock, ourselves ingest these harmful substances which act as inhibitors of our fat metabolism, it should come as no surprise that this behavior, based on a greedy addiction to ‘getting rich quick’ boomerangs on us and we, ourselves, destroy our life-nerve (spark-of-life)." [Source: Flax Oil as a True Aid Against Arthritis, Heart Infarction, Cancer and Other Diseases, Johanna Budwig, 1992, Apple Publishing Co., 220 E. 59th Ave., Vancouver, B.C., Canada V5X 1X9, (800) 668-2775.]

Budwig, Flax Oil, & Protein

Dr. Budwig systematically analyzed blood samples from healthy and sick people and tabulated the findings. According to her, blood samples from people with cancer, diabetes, and some kinds of liver disease (a frequent forerunner of cancer) consistently lacked linoleic acid (LA or omega-6 fatty acids). They lacked LA-containing phospholipids necessary to develop and maintain integrity of cell membranes. They lacked a blood lipoprotein now known as fatty acid-carrying albumin.This information and her conclusions (which follow) are not yet widely documented by other researchers or papers. Lack of phospholipids provided her with a way to explain the fact that cancer cells often have multiple sets of chromosomes. The genetic material divides, but the cell membranes (made of phospholipids containing LA or omega-6 fatty acids) can’t be made due to a lack of the material (LA or omega-6 fatty acids) from which they are made. Cell division remains incomplete.Lipoproteins, which contain linoleic acid combined with sulfur-rich protein, are missing from the blood. She found instead a yellow-green protein substance which, when LA and sulfur-rich protein are added, makes the yellow-green color disappear, and the red blood pigment hemoglobin appear. This explains anemia, lack of oxygen, and lack of energy in cancer patients. The blood’s oxygen carrier (hemoglobin) is low; the blood can’t carry enough oxygen; the process, which produces energy for life functions, is stifled. Oxygen is lacking due to lack of hemoglobin. Lack of LA prevents hemoglobin from being made.It appeared to her, she says, that cancer, diabetes, and some liver diseases involve deficiency of essential fatty acids (EFAs). These must be provided in the diet. The human body cannot make them. Their absence from our body results from a diet deficient in EFAs.Dr. Budwig claims that people with other diseases did not show this severe deficiency and that healthy people’s blood always contained EFAs. If cancer is a deficiency disease brought on by lack of EFAs, she reasoned a diet high in EFAs should alleviate at least some of the cancer patient’s problems.

It is not clear from her account of her work why flax oil, which is a rich source of LNA but a relatively poor source of LA, helps cancer patients, when her research showed that LA was the missing EFA. Whatever the reason for this discrepancy in her story, flax oil and LNA do in practice inhibit tumor growth and are useful in the natural treatment of cancer.

Combining Oil and Protein

Based on older information about oil and protein working together, Budwig fed terminal cancer patients a mixture of skim milk protein (a sulfur-containing protein) and flaxseed oil and monitored their blood changes.

She claims that the yellow-green pigment slowly disappeared; red blood pigment reappeared; phospholipids returned; lipoproteins reappeared; tumors receded and disappeared; anemia was alleviated; energy increased and vitality returned; some patients recovered. Concurrently, other symptoms of cancer also disappeared. To get healthy required three to five years of whole foods, carrot juice, some herbs, lots of flax, flaxseed oil, flaxseed oil compresses, and even flaxseed oil enemas. Disappearance of tumors is not the end of the toxicity present throughout the body, which must be reversed.

Further Findings and Claims

Budwig claims that she demonstrated (among other things not re-printed here) that:

  • Hard carcinoma tumors can be dissolved by cysteine or insulin (both of which contain sulfur groups) and LA (omega-6), and
  • Substances isolated from soft tumors contain polymerized fats of marine origin. Such substances are formed when highly unsaturated fish and whale oils, used to make margarines, are subjected to high temperatures.

Conflict of Interests

Dr. Budwig found herself in the midst of conflict. The head of the institute where she worked (who was reverentially nicknamed the ‘Pope of fats and oils’ by his contemporaries) held patents for hydrogenation processes that produce the toxic polymers she claims to have found in tumors, and had financial interests in margarine. One can only speculate that he feared that Budwig would destroy margarine sales, his profits, and his reputation. She claims that he tried to bribe her with an offer of money and ownership of a drug store if she promised not to further publicize her findings. Refusing his bribe, she says he threatened her, then denied her access to laboratory facilities. When she tried to find another institute in which to continue her research, she says she found her way blocked by an industry-wide conspiracy against her, and she could neither continue her research nor publish her discoveries in research journals. After being excommunicated by the ‘Pope of fats and oils’ she copyrighted her work and published it in the form of a book.It is difficult to judge from 40 years ago how much of this story is true. She insists that she should have been awarded a Nobel Prize for her work, but was deprived of the recognition due her by the margarine politics that she claims dominates the Nobel Committee. She says the margarine industry tried to destroy her legally and financially.[Source: Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill by Udo Erasmus, Alive Books, 7436 Fraser Park Drive Burnaby, BC, Canada V5J 5B9, Phone (604) 435-1919, Fax (604) 435-4888.] Question to Dr. Allen E. Banik in 1971 (See Distilled Water — The Choice Is Clear on page 15): "Why didn’t so many of the early practitioners write down what they had to say rather than pass on their observations to you verbally?" Answer: "Thirty-five years ago a writing that contradicted ‘official science’ was a one-way ticket to prison. Victor Irons went to prison for what he wrote in Green Life. Wilhelm Reich died in prison for his findings on energy outside the electromagnetic spectrum. The late Dr. Carey Reams spent his life and fortune defending his biological theory of ionization and spent time in prison just the same. Only recently has this judicial tyranny been lifted somewhat. We owe citations to many people, even though they didn’t write."My heroes are the "practitioners" who did write: Max Gerson, M.D. (cut off by his peers, denied hospital and laboratory privileges and the assistance of trained professional help — doctors or nurses — killed in 1959 by a hit and run driver outside of his home in Philadelphia — no one was ever prosecuted), Royal Raymond Rife (cut off by his peers, his microscope and laboratory destroyed, spent time in prison, died a broken man), William Donald Kelley, D.D.S. (hounded by the AMA, IRS, and FBI, lost his dental license, poisoned, spent time in prison, a restraining order prohibited him from distributing his book, One Answer To Cancer, he appealed that decision to the U.S. Supreme Court and the lower court decision was upheld, still helping people today), Gaston Naessens (brought to trial in Canada for curing cancer, won, still treating cancer in Canada), Hulda R. Clark, Ph.D., N.D. (spied on, arrested, spent time in jail, had one case dismissed, won another case, still fighting lawsuits, still helping people at her clinic in Mexico as well as continuing her cancer research), Ed McCabe (author of Oxygen Therapies, held in prison without charges for years), Stanislaw Burzynski, M.D. (14 years of raids, records confiscated, cases dismissed).

(See Resurrection! The Cause of Cancer Re-Discovered by Donald Wilson, B.Sc., page 21.)

Getting back to Flaxseed Oil . . .

There are two names for the oil of the flaxseed. The most common name is "linseed oil." Linseed oil is used as an ingredient in fine oil paints, varnishes and stains. Linseed oil-based preservatives extend and enhance the life of concrete. A coating prevents destructive water and salts from penetrating concrete. It stabilizes the smooth concrete surfaces in parking structures, bridges and concrete buildings, and prevents the breakdown of reinforced steel. Linseed oil is extracted from flaxseed with high heat.The health food industry named its version of the oil of the flaxseed "flaxseed oil" when it began to scientifically extract the oil from the flaxseed at low temperatures, in an anaerobic environment — no oxygen — and in darkness to prevent rancidity.From 1982 to 1986 I supplemented my diet with flaxseed oil. In 1986 I began having indigestion when I took the flaxseed oil and any other oils (mayonnaise/salad oils) so I discontinued using them.In 1993 I read Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill by Udo Erasmus where he states that he experimented by taking only flaxseed oil for two years and found that it can bring on a deficiency of omega-6 fatty acids because it is so rich in omega-3 fatty acids. His symptoms included dry, thin skin. He switched to taking hempseed oil and found that his skin condition cleared up and he could take hempseed oil indefinitely with no unpleasant side effects.At that time I tried taking hempseed oil, but when I took it I felt miserable (belching and tasting the oil) so after a few days I stopped. Now I can take the hempseed oil with no indigestion at all. This is because I’ve been taking the WaterOz liquid minerals. So, I’m supplementing my diet with the essential fatty acids by taking hempseed oil, which is Nature’s best nutritionally balanced oil — 3:1 ratio of omega-6 to omega-3.To make Budwig’s life-giving Oil-Protein Mixture (for people without dairy allergies) mix 4 oz. skim milk yogurt (this contains about 6% protein) with 1 Tbs. fresh flax or hemp oil. Mix ingredients together until oil is no longer visible. That’s all there is to it.Budwig’s oil-protein mixture can be used both by people with degenerative conditions and by people who are healthy, if allergies to the protein used are not an issue. If allergies exist, sulfur-rich foods that do not produce allergies must be selected. (I take WaterOz liquid sulfur in place of the yogurt, 4 Tbs. sulfur mixed in 8 oz. of distilled water. This gives me my sulfur, and I swallow 14 hempseed oil capsules with it, which gives me 1 Tbs. oil).(Note: Flax and hemp oil is listed on our Order Form under "Dr. Johanna Budwig’s Oils.")

The information on the next 6 pages compliments the WaterOz information that hundreds of our subscribers have requested to be mailed to them. (If you haven’t already done so, order your free WaterOz information today!) Nearly everyone who ordered the WaterOz Protocol booklet and EPN information has ordered the minerals and EPN and reported miraculous results. The WaterOz minerals supplement the body with the organic, angstrom size mineral particles previously only obtainable from organic, raw fruit and vegetable juices. To aid the WaterOz minerals in eliminating stored inorganic minerals in our bodies, I suggest that we combine them with distilled water — as much as 3 quarts per day.

Distilled Water — The Choice Is Clear

by Bonnie O’SullivanThe following is a review of a booklet about the wonders of distilled water; The Choice Is Clear, One Vital Element Can Bring You Vibrant Good Health . . . or Rob You of It by Dr. Allen E. Banik. (To order Dr. Banik’s booklet call Acres U.S.A., (512) 892-4400.)The Choice Is Clear is the second book by Dr. Allen E. Banik. His first book, Hunza Land, was written after Art Linkletter sent him to Hunza to examine the strange, long-lived people in the far-away Himalayas and bring back the secret of their amazing spans of life for an episode of People Are Funny. Art states, "Dr. Banik and Hunza made one of the most successful episodes in our show’s history."In The Choice Is Clear, Dr. Banik shocks the world with one of the real secrets of longevity. In the Question and Answer section of the book he answers this question: "In regard to your visit to Hunza, in your opinion, what was their main secret of longevity?"Dr. Banik: "I observed the following. They ate most of their fruits and vegetables raw and raised them on organic soil. Fruits and vegetables are about 90% natural water of exceptionally high purity. Along with that, they drank glacier water, which is very low in inorganic minerals. Wine was their main beverage, which again is comprised of natural water of very high purity. So their percentage of distilled water quality was 90% greater than ours. I consider this an important secret which I nearly missed."Dr. Banik also answers this crucial question: "Does distilled water leach organic minerals out of our systems?Dr. Banik: "Of course not! It is only inorganic minerals rejected by the cells and tissues of the body, which, if not evacuated, can cause arterial obstructions — and other problems. These are minerals that must be removed, and distilled water is able to do it."

Dr. Banik writes:

Only One Possible Cause For All Aging Diseases?

"Can it be that arthritis, kidney stones, gall stones, arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), enlarged hearts, emphysema, obesity, constipation, cataracts, glaucoma, diabetes, all stem from one common cause? Unbelievable? But possibly very true!

All Water Is Not The Same

"There are at least nine different kinds of water. Some kinds can harden your arteries, form gallstones and kidney stones, bring on early senility, and all the other diseases I mention above. Another kind works in reverse. What one type of water carries into system, the other carries out. Let me classify these nine kinds of water. They are hard water, raw water, boiled water, soft water, rain water, snow water, filtered water, de-ionized water and distilled water. All are particular kinds of water — but remember this: only one of these nine kinds of water is good for you. Let me describe them briefly.

1. Hard Water

"Hard water is water containing excessive lime salts, that is, carbonates and sulfates of calcium and magnesium. Sodium, iron, copper, silicon, nitrates, chlorides, viruses, bacteria, chemicals, and many other harmful inorganic minerals and chemicals may also be present. Most all the water we drink comes from public water systems or private wells. These are hard waters. Any water that has run through, or over, ground is hard water to some degree. The longer it filters through the soil, the harder it gets and the more harmful it is for you.

2. Raw Water

"Raw water is water that has not been treated in any way. It may be hard or soft — as hard as limewater, or as soft as rainwater. Raw water contains millions of viruses and bacteria, and is densely inhabited in every drop. Chemicals dumped into our rivers may cause cancer, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

"True, properly chlorinated water kills most germs and viruses, but it can also kill the cells of our body. The only safe rule to follow individually is to distill drinking water, which will eliminate both chlorine and pathogenic organisms.

3. Boiled Water Is Not The Answer

"Some health authorities advise boiled water. Boiling removes none of the inorganic minerals, although it does kill the bacteria in raw water if boiled at least 20 minutes.

"But the dead bodies of these germs are carried into the system when the boiled water is used. While raw water is an aquarium filled with deadly microorganisms, boiled water is a graveyard of dead germs.

4. Soft Water

"Some cities take water from rivers and lakes or mountain reservoirs and they call it ‘soft’ water. This water is still hard water. It is only ‘soft’ in comparison to water that is harder. (Never drink water from a ‘Water Softener’ as it will be laden with sodium.)

5. The Impurity Of Rainwater

"Rainwater that has been distilled by the heat of the sun, should contain no mineral matter and no germs. But when it falls from the clouds as rain, it falls through the air filled with bacteria, dust, smoke, chemicals, mud and minerals. By the time it reaches the earth as rainwater it is so saturated with decaying matter, dirt and chemicals that its color becomes a yellowish-white.

6. Snow Is Unclean

"Snow water is melted snow. It, too, picks up minerals, chemicals and radioactive fallout such as Strontium 90. Snow is frozen rain. Freezing does not destroy bacteria. Snow looks white and clean, but it contains as many germs, minerals and pollutants as rainwater. Remember the dirt left from melting snow in the spring? Try melting the cleanest snow, and then note the filth in the water. Each snowflake contains some form of air pollution.

7. Filtered Water Can Be Dangerous

"Filtered water is water that has passed through a very fine strainer, activated carbon or some other mechanical barrier. The use of filtered water is still rather popular. Some people think that water that has passed through a filter, is purified. They believe that the filter keeps the waste substances and disease germs of the water in the filter. While it is true that chlorine, some suspended substances and many synthetic chemicals are removed in the filter by filtering, there is no filter made which can prevent bacteria or viruses from passing through it fine meshes. Each pore of the finest filter is large enough for millions of germs to pass through, even those containing silver!"Moreover, decaying matter collects on the bottom of every filter. This forms an excellent breeding ground for bacteria. After a filter has been used for a few days, the filtered water often contains more disease germs than the water that is put into the filter. Bacteria are multiplied by the millions by the collected wastes at the base of some filters, and washed through the filtered water, according to Dr. Brown Landone.

"Nowadays you will hear a lot about reverse osmosis. In this process, forcing a portion of the raw water through a semi-permeable membrane purifies water. Reverse osmosis removes a high percentage of the dissolved solids as well as other contaminants, and when the unit is new the result often approaches the purity of distilled water. The degree of purity in any case varies widely, depending of the types and conditions of the equipment used, much as with filter equipment and the effectiveness lessens with use. Sometimes drastically!

8. De-ionized Water Can Cause Virus Infections

"Water processed by the de-ionized method effectively removes minerals, and compares to distilled water in this respect. However, it does become a breeding ground for bacteria, pyrogenic matter and viruses. The fault in this system lies in the resin beds, which can become notorious breeding grounds. Therefore it is not wise to have this possibility exist in your drinking water.

9. The Miracle Of All Water — Distilled Water!

"Distilled water is water that has been turned into vapor, so that virtually all its impurities are left behind (rising vapor cannot carry minerals and other dissolved solids — it will not carry disease germs, dead or alive). Then, through condensation, it is turned back to "pure" water. Distillation is the single most effective method of water purification. It is the only water that is pure; the only water free from all impurities.

"From day to day we do not know what impurities exist in our water. The only way to be sure your drinking water is free of impurities is to drink only pure distilled water.

The World’s Greatest Secret

"Distilled water is water of the purest kind. It is odorless, colorless and tasteless. It regulates the temperature of the body by helping take off extra heat resulting from an intake of some 3,000 calories of food each day. Water keeps the body from burning up. It carries waste products from the body.

The Greatest Function Of Distilled Water

"Distilled water acts as a solvent in the body. It dissolves food substances so they can be assimilated and taken into every cell. It dissolves inorganic mineral substances lodged in tissues of the body so that such substances can be eliminated in the process of purifying the body. Distilled water is the greatest solvent on earth — the only one that can be taken into the body without damage to the tissues. By its continued use, it is possible to dissolve inorganic minerals, acid crystals, and all the other waste products of the body without injuring tissues.

Inorganic Mineral Deposits Must Be Removed

"Remember that great scientists now not only admit but also assert that all old age, and even death — unless by accident — is due to waste poisons not washed out of the body. The legendary Dr. Alexis Carrel made heart tissue apparently immortal by regularly washing away the wastes of the cells.

Pure Water Is Your Lifeline

"Through the process of distilling, water is separated from virtually everything it carries, and is now pure water. As it enters the body, it again picks up mineral deposits accumulated in the joints, artery walls, or wherever such deposits occur, and begins to carry them out. Gall stones and kidney stones get smaller and smaller until they can safely pass through their ducts. Little by little arthritic pains become less as joints become more supple and movable. Arteries gradually become more elastic as blood pressures tend to become more normal. Gradually the outlook on life becomes a little more youthful — ambitions begin to return, while the squeaking rocking chair will give way to the web covered golf clubs."The startling fact to remember is that water attracts chiefly inorganic minerals. Organic minerals stay in the tissues, where they belong. This is a marvelous feat of Divine Reasoning. We were not born to die — we were born to live! This fact is easily proved. X-rays of the arteries will never show unless there are calcium deposits along the artery walls. Doesn’t this prove that we have mineral deposits even along swift moving blood channels?"So hard water carries inert minerals into the body, and distilled water carries them out — it’s just as simple as that.

"There is then only one way you can purify your body and help to eliminate your chronic aging diseases and that is through the miracle of distilled water.

The Appalling Truth

"The average person drinks about a gallon of water per day. Adding up the cups of coffee, tea, soft drinks, food and water, this gallon isn’t too much. At a gallon a day, the average person drinks up to 450 glasses of solids during a life span. These same solids are found in your humidifier, and in grandmother’s teakettle. Think of it — 450 glasses of mineral solids in your system during a lifetime."What does the body do with these inorganic solids? It begins by putting a thin film along our intestinal walls. As soon as one film is laid, it attracts another film much easier, until it begins to build up and one of the first results is constipation, a plague to millions of people. Other deposits occur where blood flows the slowest, such as in the joints as arthritis and gout, along the arteries as hardening, in the veins as varicose, in the lungs as emphysema. It often coats the crystalline lens of the eyes with a fine film possibly resulting in cataracts. Glaucoma, the dreaded eye disease, can be another result of hard water. The tiny vessels film up with mineral deposits, which results in a build-up of pressure in the eye. There has never been a known cause for glaucoma. It might be the mineral deposits.

"In all my years of experience as a practicing optometrist — all my glaucoma patients drank water with extreme hardness. Distilled water, as a possible preventative is still the best long-range program to follow.


"Paul Brinkman became interested in distilled water since he was concerned about his diabetic condition. Imagine his surprise when he checked out sugar free. It likewise surprised his doctor. According to any edition of Merck’s Manual, the exact cause of diabetes is not known. The cause lies in the inadequate production of insulin by the beta cells of the islets of Langerhans. The cells are alive; it is just that they do not function. My inspiring teacher, Dr. Landone, stated that the mineral deposits enclosed the cells with a mineral film so they are unable to function.


"According to Dr. Landone, ‘Hard water seals each cell with a film, so oxygen cannot reach the imprisoned cells. Nature then develops new cells that thrive on less oxygen. These cells are called cancer cells. Distilled water often frees the imprisoned cells and allows the oxygen to reach the cells.’


"Dr. Landone stated emphatically that anyone drinking distilled water exclusively would eventually return to normal weight. The reason: hard water film imprisons the cells so tissues become water-logged. Retention of fluid is the chief cause of obesity. Distilled water again breaks the cell barrier and the body weight returns to normal. Dr. Landone kept his weight perfect throughout his 98 years. Weight watchers will lose weight, regardless of present diet, if they will include from 4 to 6 glasses of distilled water a half hour before each meal. It works wonders. Why not try it!

My Personal Experience

"About forty years ago I felt the impact of the effects of drinking hard deep well water. A farmer I knew had a most distressing health problem. I doubt that he weighed a hundred pounds. At intervals he would be unable to eat. If he did, he would belch, vomit and double up with pain. I thought each day would be his last. Finally his doctor advised him to leave his farm. Upon arriving in California, a kind neighbor suggested he drink distilled water with several small glasses of wine in between. A month later his symptoms had vanished and he could eat heartily. Today at the age of 88 he is still hale and hearty, an example of good health. It was the inorganic iron and magnesium in his well water that could have spelled an early death for him.

I followed The Same Path

"I still remember how I used to enjoy drinking ice cold water from his deep well, not realizing I was consuming three glasses of solids per year. That I too was a candidate for hardening of the arteries, arthritis, cataracts, gall stones, diabetes, obesity and other aging diseases never crossed my mind."I then recalled another experience during my teen-age years. I was born and reared in a small South Dakota town. In those days we had a town well to supply our drinking water. It was good cold hard water. (It did a wonderful job in corroding my mother’s teakettle.) The city electric plant was located near the well, but I noticed the plant manager drank distilled water. Being curious, I asked him why he drank that filthy water with such good tasting well water nearby."I can still feel the indignation that suddenly swelled up within him. He then softened his words by saying, "Some day, when you grow up, you will find out." Somehow this always bothered me. I knew he didn’t want to take the time to explain it to a mere kid. All the while I knew he had his reasons. It took me all these years to find out.

"The truth of drinking distilled water is not new. It is just that the public has never caught on. Today, many progressive doctors prescribe distilled water for their patients. All the kidney machines operate on the purest distilled water. It is now time to shake our sickly population out of their lethargy and languor. Thousands of American cities have potential health hazards in their drinking water and millions of farm wells should be condemned.

My Personal Problem Solved

"I found an all-electric automatic still, which just answered my purpose. The size of the still depends on the number of gallons needed. It solved my immediate drinking problem for me and my family. I can now enjoy the purest water at its best!


"There is much to learn about water. I have merely touched on a few pertinent facts of water in its relation to vibrant health and longevity. The facts I gathered have proved themselves to me. When men can live to the age of 120, I become alert! There has to be some cause. I am convinced that the inorganic minerals and chemicals in water become a hazard to every man, woman and child. The body must be free of sludge to operate efficiently. The eliminating organs cannot expel all the deposits, so nature does the next best thing and tucks them wherever she can. Since water is the greatest solvent known, it becomes the best agent to carry out that which is brought in."The test is very simple. Place a mirror or glass under a dripping faucet. Let it dry, and observe the water spots. Then place this glass in distilled water. The distilled water will dissolve the water spots. This is what this whole story is about!"Dr. Landone cured his heart condition (that he had at the age of 17) with distilled water. Captain Diamond cured his arthritis and lived to the splendid age of 120 years. Could distilled water be the answer? If it is, how different living in this world could be. Since we live but once, should we not live wisely? The Choice is clear — it is now up to you."

Note by Bonnie: Dale and I have a still in our kitchen. We purchased it from JC Smith, 216 E. Patterson Ave., Butler, PA 16001. Call: (724) 287-5555 and ask for the "Road to Heath Special." This Christmas give yourself a still for many years of unlimited pure water.

Resurrection! The Cause of Cancer Re-Discovered

or What The Literature Says About the Cause, Prevention and Treatment of Cancer

a review by the author, E. Donald Wilson, B.Sc.There are literally hundreds of books about ways to treat or beat cancer. Can the market stand another one?Only if it has something different to offer. This book does just that!The author had cancer 18 years ago and went through the horrible experience of radiation and chemo. But he also started reading books and technical papers, etc., and he made some startling discoveries, such as:

  • The cause of cancer was discovered early in the 20th century and has been re-discovered independently by upwards of 10 investigators.The cause is a microflora with which we are all born. They change form and cause disease. Over 50 doctors or scientists have reported finding a microbe associated with cancer.The conventional medical community (CMC) has chosen to ignore the microflora. Why? Because over 100 years ago Louis Pasteur said the microflora did not exist. Pasteur’s claims are still being taught in medical schools.So the CMC does not know what causes cancer except for leukemia and maybe one or two other relatively minor types of cancer that are caused by a virus.The CMC has been working on a theory for many years that cancer is caused by gene mutation which, in turn, results in cell mutation and malignancy. The exact process has yet to be demonstrated.Several alternative therapies for the treatment of cancer have been developed over the years, but none has been subjected to a scientifically designed clinical trial.
  • Despite the expenditure of over 30 billion dollars for research on the cause and treatment of cancer, the overall mortality from cancer increased steadily for 30 or more years in Canada and the United States, though it has decreased slightly in the last few years.

In bringing these findings to the attention of the reader, the book presents the best-ever summary of the history of the development of the microbial theory of cancer. It presents the informed opinions of a researcher that provide a logical explanation of why the CMC has produced little of benefit to the cancer victim. It cites the stories of six medical doctors who cured their own cancer using alternative therapies. And it includes a priceless article, the result of an extensive search of the literature on the question of whether organic foods are really superior. The results and conclusions are startling!This book provides the cancer victim, and any person worried about being diagnosed with cancer, with an easy-to-read bonanza of information on its prevention and many options for its treatment. This will be a godsend, especially for the newly diagnosed patient. There are so many books, some of them several hundreds of pages long, while the patient wants more or less instant information. Here is the story in less than 100 pages, not including the appendices, glossary, references and index. (To order this book see Order Form enclosed.) This is Bonnie again: In this book I found an answer to a question I have had since 1982!

Question: "Why did the Gerson Clinic serve patients, twice a day, a ½ glass of raw, organic calves liver juice — the staff ground and pressed the liver fresh twice a day — mixed with a ½ glass of carrot juice?" (They now use desiccated liver capsules instead.) (Please see our order form for desiccated liver tablets.)

Answer: Abscisic Acid

"Abscisic acid is a supplement you will not find in a health food store. Based on her research, Dr. Livingston-Wheeler determined that abscisic acid neutralizes the effect of chorionic gonadotropin, the hormone that protects the fetus from being rejected, and she classed it as her prime supplement in treating cancer. Livingston-Wheeler discovered that cancer cells (or the microbes associated with them) produce a substance very similar to chorionic gonadotropin. Abscisic acid is a close relative of Vitamin A. In her book, The Conquest of Cancer; Livingston-Wheeler describes how you can make abscisic acid."Add one teaspoon of raw liver powder to an 8 oz glass of carrot juice (must be organic). Stir and let stand for fifteen to twenty minutes and then drink it."The enzymes in the liver powder convert some of the Vitamin A in the carrot juice into abscisic acid."In closing I would like to share this testimonial with you:Dear Bonnie, November 15, 2000I had been having rectal bleeding off and on for several weeks and it became very severe blood loss. I was so weak and anemic from the blood loss that I could barely walk from one room to the next without feeling like I would pass out. I was taking massive amounts of blood builders, but couldn’t keep the blood in my body. I was told by my acupuncturist that I was so close to death that she really didn’t expect me to make my next appointment without some kind of intervention. I was so weak and exhausted I didn’t even care.I purchased a Light Energy Thermo Therapy unit from the Road To Health and began using it. I used it morning and night (total of 5 uses*) and the bleeding completely stopped and I began to regain my energy. I am continuing to use it to completely heal the area, but I feel almost back to my old self again. (*Twice at night I fell asleep while using it and ran the battery clear down, the other times I used it for 30-45 minutes each time.)

Michelle Garrett, GA



The Material in this letter is for educational purposes only and is not intended as a prescription for any illness.

The minimum daily amount is 1 teaspoon to 2 tablespoons of flaxseed oil (or more, as desired). After about 6 months, you can substitute hempseed oil or other fresh, unrefined oils for long-term use.Take the oil plain (it tastes good, rather nutty when fresh), use it in salad dressings, mix it with yogurt, or incorporate it into other foods.Note from Bonnie: Fatty acids are either essential or nonessential. A fatty acid is considered essential if 1) the body is unable to synthesize it and 2) the only way it can be obtained is through the diet. In addition, it is considered essential if a deficiency will cause a disease.

There are basically two essential fatty acids. They are linoleic acid (LA or omega-6 fatty acids) and linolenic acid (LNA or omega-3 fatty acids).

Note: Healing is hindered by smoking marijuana or tobacco (or chewing tobacco), drinking alcohol, taking any kind of drugs (street or prescription), eating food that has been deep fried, contains hydrogenated oil, is salty or is not suited for your metabolic type.

Note: My metabolic type is Type 2 (a meat eater), which means I digest grains poorly, hence I would avoid them. (You can learn which metabolic type you are by taking Dr. Kelley’s Self Test for the Different Metabolic Types.)