Dr. Clark Answers Your Questions


Using “The Clark Method” Newsletter

by Bonnie O’Sullivan
July/August 1997 Number 16

Dear Friend,
Dr. Clark lets nothing interfere with her on-going research and keeping her readers informed. Her August 1997 updated book The Cure For HIV and AIDS is now available. This is the second time the HIV and AIDS book has been updated and it now contains 543 pages (to order your copy please see The Road To Health Order Form enclosed).
The updates include a 24 page conversation between Dr. Clark and Dr. Jerome about teeth with pictures of teeth and panoramic X-rays of teeth, a list of foods that do and do not contain malonic acid (and an explanation of why malonic acid is bad for humans), directions for using Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) for killing tapeworms, and a “Mop-Up Program” which was developed for those who did not get well after using the herbal parasite program, the zapper, and CoQ10. The Mop-Up Program deals with survivor Ascaris (round worm) eggs and/or leftover tapeworm larvae that until now seemed shielded from all things that might harm them. Dr. Clark has found that unless you kill every grain of the leftover shielded Ascariseggs and/or tapeworm larvae, you cannot get well. The Mop-Up Program consists of ozonated olive oil and L-cysteine. (Please see Dr. Clark’s Parasite Elimination Program, Revised 8/25/97 enclosed. For further supplements, new tests, recipes, and case histories please see the updated book)

Dr. Clark Answers Your Questions
1st Question: When will updates of The Cure For All Diseases and The Cure For All Cancers be available?
Dr. Clark: I’m working on The Cure For All Cancers now. Can’t give a date.
2nd Question: Are you going to offer an Addendum to The Cure For All Diseases and The Cure For All Cancers until they are updated?
Dr. Clark: No Addendums are planned at this time.
3rd Question: Are you now accepting new cancer patients at your clinic, The International Diagnostic Center, in Tijuana Mexico?
Dr. Clark: No. We are still on hold until the new location is ready.
4th Question: Is your telephone number in Mexico still 011-526-630-8732?
Dr. Clark: No. When we have a new one I will let you know for publication.
5th Question: I understand that Self Health Resource Center has moved to 1055 Bay Blvd., #A, Chula Vista, CA 91911. Telephone: (619) 409-9500 and fax (619) 409-9501 but the 800 number for ordering products is the same: 800-873-1663. Is this correct?
Dr. Clark: Yes.
6th Question: Has Oxycal, makers of Ester-C, has dropped their lawsuit against you?
Dr. Clark: No. We reached a settlement in which I would not refer to “Ester-C.” I will talk about “esterified” or analogs of Vitamin C.
7th Question: A researcher by the name of Terry Choy, of San Francisco, has announced that he has discovered that better results are achieved when treating parasites if the herbs are started exactly five days before a full moon. Have you experimented with this theory?
Dr. Clark: No, but there are numerous influences of the moon on living creatures. This deserves further investigation.
8th Question: Since MSM [Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (CH3)2 SO2] is a “methyl compound” a reader wants to know: Do you have any objections to people taking MSM?
Dr. Clark: I have not worked with it, so cannot give an opinion.
9th Question: Does aluminum seep into the milk from the lining of the containers (it looks like they are lined with aluminum foil) of 2% milk?
Dr. Clark: Yes, choose a non-metalized container.
10th Question: I am successfully growing the wormwood plants but the leaves are all different sizes. 1) Can you be more specific in how much to use? 2) Do the leaves have to turn silver before they are potent or can you use them when they are green? 3) Do you have to dry them first?
Dr. Clark: 1) No. 2) You can probably use them when they are green. 3) Probably not.
It is important for someone to do this kind of investigation and let all of us know.
11th Question: Which is the better chelator EDTA or Thioctic acid? Does one remove more toxins than the other?
Dr. Clark: Thioctic acid is not described in the literature as a chelator, so EDTA is undoubtedly “better.” But thioctic acid is described as capable of removing unusual and potent toxins. These are complicated issues with no simple answer.
12th Question: For a person with clogged arteries where there is calcium buildup, do either EDTA or Thioctic acid help remove the calcium? If not, what would be best?
Dr. Clark: Such a buildup is thought to be due to primary damage to the artery wall. Chelation therapy has a good track record for this.
13th Question: There is a doctor in Ohio who follows your advice and thinks you are brilliant. He said that sometimes blood clots are actually clumps of parasites. Do you know anything about this? If you do, would you use the Zapper to clear the blood clots?
Dr. Clark: This is certainly possible. But I have not researched it and can’t comment. Zapping should be useful here.
14th Question: Does the Zapper kill viroids (they are much smaller than viruses)? If not, do you have any suggestions on how to kill them?
Dr. Clark: I wish I could get a specimen! I would try it at once. Does anybody know a source, like a veterinarian, who would provide a specimen? (See my enclosed letter.)
15th Question: Are there any illnesses or situations where you would not use the Zapper? For example, in cases of “edema” where the lungs fill with water, or with heart diseases?
Dr. Clark: I have not seen any bad effects with either of these situations. Consult with health practitioner if worried.
16th Question: I have a tooth that needs a root canal but I seem to be able to keep the pain under control with zapping. I believe you would say to have the tooth pulled instead of having a root canal, but if zapping will do the job, why have it pulled?
Dr. Clark: No tooth ever needs a root canal! An infected tooth should be pulled. Don’t rely on zapping because you might erroneously think the problem is gone.
17th Question: Can a person zap (the 61 minute 3X cycle) more than once a day?
Dr. Clark: Yes. No harm seen on indefinite zappings.
18th Question: I am a physical therapist and saw you, along with my child, in December 1994. I had psoriasis and my child had a harsh chronic cough. You tested us and said we both had round worms and that I had kidney stones as well. You recommended that I do the kidney cleanse for six weeks and then do the liver cleanse. I was also to use the Zapper three times per week. I have tried doing the kidney cleanse over and over but it does not agree with me. Each time I have to stop after three days because of uncontrollable gas and diarrhea. Consequently, I have never gotten to the liver cleanse. Can you recommend another approach?
Dr. Clark: When the kidney cleanse “does not agree” it usually means there are bacteria in the herbal preparation. Try a fresh batch, bring to a boil each morning to kill new bacteria. Start by sipping slowly throughout the day. Let me know how this goes.
19th Question: I have been doing extensive malonic acid food testing with my syncrometer. I have come to the conclusion that the problem is in the soil the food is grown in or the water it is irrigated with. I have found both good and bad tomatoes, carrots, papaya and cantaloupe. I found bad white potatoes (the kind with the very thin skin). The bad papaya and cantaloupe had the problem in the seeds and the flesh of the seed bed. Carefully scraping out these parts and rinsing left a lot of good eating in these large fruits. All southern grown watermelons have tested good. Locally (Roswell, GA) grown cantaloupe also tested good. All watermelons from California have tested bad. Here again, if you can get the seeds and surrounding flesh out, the rest is good. I found if you leave the dirt on the food you will get a negative reading. Have you experienced this in your testing?
Dr. Clark: Yes, it is the watermelon seeds, not the flesh: this will be in next printing. Your work is most appreciated. Results like these should go into a separate “Malonic Newsletter.” Let me hear from you.
20th Question: I have a reflexology clinic in Canada. I have a young patient (a boy of 15) who, in the past, had a meningococcus infection and bled through all of his orifices and skin. The result was his kidneys died (presumably from lack of blood?). He still passes water through the kidneys but is on dialysis. With time and reflexology and by using the Zapper (the rest of the family has not used the Zapper, nor their large dogs) he has grown beautifully and is very healthy. He prays to regain the use of his kidneys and get off dialysis. His kidney specialist won’t consider cutting down his time or frequency of dialysis to see if his kidneys are able to work better on their own. Do you have any ideas, suggestions or case histories like this?
Dr. Clark: It is not a good idea to “see if his kidneys can manage on their own” because harm to his body could result. My suggestion is to get off malonate-foods since methyl-malonic acid is a well known kidney toxin! Also do the new ozonated-olive oil treatment.
21st Question: What strength Vitamin D do you use at your clinic?
Dr. Clark: 40,000 I.U. per day for 3 weeks, then taken twice a week.
22nd Question: Is blue-green algae okay to take?
Dr. Clark: The concept is fine but how can you get an unpolluted product? Unless the manufacturer reveals the processing chemicals, it is not worth the risk.
23rd Question: Is benzoic acid harmful?
Dr. Clark: Not in small amounts, it is a component of natural food and can be detoxified in these amounts.
24th Question: Is sorbitol harmful?
Dr. Clark: It is used in food, but I have not studied the literature on it.
25th Question: What would be a good preservative for a face cream?
Dr. Clark: I presume this is a homemade face cream. Make a 50% glycerol preservative as described in my books (recipe section). You would need to experiment with amounts. Most glycerine (which is the same as glycerol) has isopropyl pollution so get it from Self Health Resource Center. END

A Letter From Dr. Clark
Dear Bonnie, August 25, 1997
It was good to hear from you. And, thank you for your patience, and of course, your great service to society.
Someone in England is following your example with a similar newsletter for people there, you have probably heard from her already. (Bonnie: Yes, Christine Doyle, United Kingdom, see Success Stories Using The Clark Method, Case #1.)
Regarding question #14, I have an improvement for the parasite program, that is perhaps effective against viroids. I am still working out the details but the broad picture is already in the new HIV book. What is not in the book is that it seems to reach some intracellular parasites like Toxoplasma, and Malaria. If this is true, we might expect viroids to be vulnerable, also. We are in the beginning stages of our research so don’t wish to claim any results that might not materialize. The improved treatment is 1 tablespoon ozonated olive oil, simply eaten with food in the usual way. This is followed in a few days by a 2 tablespoon dose and in a few more days by a 3 tablespoon dose. Mixed with vinegar as a dressing or with a vegetable like mashed potatoes is fine. Measure carefully. Don’t waste it. These graded doses let you cope with the die-off, since eyes may itch and tear, head feel dull, etc. as the dead matter waits for elimination.
Of course one should do the regular parasite program regularly once a week if the person is ill, and zap daily as well.
But this improved treatment with ozonated olive oil is a one-time treatment at this point. Make it yourself as described in the book.
This treatment is recommended as a “mop-up” for everybody, not just special cases. The results can be remarkable.
Best wishes, Bonnie, Hulda Clark

Success Stories Using The Clark Method
Case #1
Dear Bonnie, June 17, 1997
I have been feeling unwell for some time. The week prior to my period I would have excruciating pain resulting in me being confined to home a lot. My periods were very heavy. My heart was palpitating and irregular. Last October the area under my left breast hurt/stung severely. Clothes hurt if they touched it. The pain went through to my back and I felt stiff around my mid-back. I couldn’t bend because I could feel `something there’ that I was squashing. I was hot most of the time and lost bladder sensation. If I needed to urinate my tummy would feel uncomfortable around my navel area. I felt sick a lot. I had upper back pains and the muscles in the upper part of both arms seemed useless. I couldn’t lift them for more than ½ a minute. I couldn’t hold the hairdryer long enough to dry my hair, which was falling out in clumps. My eyesight was blurry at times and I started getting dizzy and falling over. At my worst I was sleeping up to 20 hours out of 24! The pain under both arms and in my breasts was vice like.
My MD was concerned and sent me to hospital as an emergency, they wanted to take X-rays which I refused (my father is dying of radiation sickness). The wait for the alternative ultrasound scan was 2 weeks so I was sent home, the Christmas holidays fell in the middle of this. So my MD funded me to go to a private hospital to have the ultrasound. These were on the pancreas, liver, gallbladder, spleen, and ovaries.
Two weeks before this, I had received Dr. Clark’s book The Cure for All Cancers, and my husband made me a Zapper. I got Black Walnut Hull Tincture (BWHT), Wormwood, and Cloves, and started self treatment. The ultrasounds were clear.
An endoscopy followed from which a biopsy was taken of a large area in my stomach (I said it felt the size of an orange the specialist agreed.) They said it would be caused by bugs, and they would find which type and give me drugs. The doctors were amazed when the biopsy showed it was sterile! I was so pleased and feeling better that I kept on with the self treatment.
At one stage I took Dr. Clark’s advice and, thinking I had a Tapeworm, downed 20 teaspoons of BWHT, (we could only get 1:5 not 1:2 which would have been 8 teaspoons) and 1 hour later the second 20. I reasoned that if it nearly killed me then it would surely get a worm. Well, after that my symptoms were still all there but lessening in severity. Daily I felt better. I zapped my ovaries each month prior to my period, and all period pains went and the blood flow lightened to a normal level.
I am now working full time and doing two degree courses in Iridology and Nutrition. Friends and family said they thought I was dying. I had been feeling I was dying too! My normally bright green eyes had dulled, now they’re back as they were. People were stunned. So I told them what I was doing and they all started on it. Some amazing stories have transpired . . .

Ritalin Discontinued By Use Of Zapper
My 10 year old daughter was diagnosed in October 1995 as having ADD without hyperactivity, and was put on Ritalin which helped her no end, but I didn’t like her taking drugs. The Zapper 3 times weekly has eliminated the need for Ritalin and she is fine now without it. A friend has since had the same experience with her 10 year old daughter.

Severe Mouth Fungus Cleared By Use Of Zapper
Another friend has had a marvelous turn-around in her health by using the Zapper. She suffered with Lichen Planus of the mouth. Her tongue had a ½” coating (green) on it and was swollen 2-3 times normal. The insides of her mouth had bubble blisters that broke when she ate, again full of the green pus/slime. She had taken to drinking soups through a straw. At night whilst she slept this green stuff dribbled from her mouth and in the morning she had to peel it from her neck like a thick face mask!
The hospitals tried everything to no avail. The last resort would have been lazer treatment to the tongue, which wouldn’t have cleared the mouth sides, but this would have stripped so many layers off the tongue, the taste buds would have been effectively burnt off, and even so, in time the fungus could have re-infected the tongue from the mouth sides.
She started zapping three weeks ago and began to put Lugols on her tongue, and rinsing her mouth with it. In three weeks her tongue has shrunk to its normal size and looks almost clear, and the bubble blisters are drying up. She is thrilled and is trying to get hospital photos of before zapping to send copies to you.

White Cell Count Decreased By Use Of Zapper
Another friend, zapping only, who has had a reoccurrence, after five years, of Non-Hodgkins Lympoma was pleased to find that her white cell count (38) had reduced to 28 and now 16 (normal is 9) in approximately four weeks. She is zapping twice daily.

Christine Doyle, United Kingdom

Case #2
Dear Bonnie, July 1, 1997
My tropical fish had a white fungus around their mouths. The pet store manager said they were as good as dead. I experimented: I put one Zapper handhold in the tank and dipped the other one up and down in the tank rapidly for a minute or two. The fungus disappeared and has not returned in three weeks. The fish are fine! Flora, San Jose, CA

More from Bonnie, August 1997
I’m still taking Neways’ Maximol (I’ve been mixing it with mineral water instead of orange juice for the past two months because the OJ was too acid and it also caused a drop in blood sugar an hour after I drank it). As soon as my twice daily drink was more alkalizing (it includes Cell System One by Body Electric and MSM) I began to have cleansing reactions (headaches). The headaches gradually stopped during the first week and I’ve been feeling great ever since. (Please see the enclosed article Prevent Disease by Equalizing Your Intake of Acid (H+) and Alkali (OH-) Substances.
The Body Electric company has an essential oil tooth brushing product; Pristine. It’s responsible for the improvement in my husbands gums. His gums used to bleed when he brushed but that stopped immediately when he started using Body Electric’s Pristine. As well as taking Body Electric’s Cell System One (by the way, it’s now available in capsules called Beta Matrix) twice a day in our drink, both my husband and I take Body Electric’s The Minerals That Work capsules. We know these products help us get the best results when using the Zapper. (We both use the Zapper three times a week.)
Body Electric also has an essential oil for the face: Le Visage Complete. My daughter loves it and even tried to duplicate it using the same ingredients from Young Living Essential Oils but decided the Le Visage Complete was too good to give up.
After the mention, in newsletter 15, about how Clear capsules, the Awareness Corporation’s parasite eliminating capsules, are more suitable for cats than Dr. Clark’s program, (cats may be allergic to wormwood and the Clear capsules do not contain wormwood), I have had numerous requests for more information. If you want the Awareness Pet Program please write or call me and ask for the Awareness pet information and I will send a new Awareness tape, an article from Veterinarian Magazine about the Awareness Pet Program for dogs, cats and horses, plus a letter to a parrot owner from a Canadian doctor about how to de-parasitize birds.
My newest discovery is Emu oil. I’ve been using it for two months and I’ve had wonderful results. Once a day I dab a few drops of emu oil on the backs of my hands and on my face. Several years ago I had several pre-cancerous spots burned off the backs of my hands. The doctor warned me that I would keep getting the spots and that there was nothing I could do about it. He was right about my getting more spots but he was wrong in saying there is nothing that can be done for them. The Emu oil softened them and faded them away during the first month that I used it. Researchers say it’s also good for removing scars and varicose veins! Please see Emu Oil: The Undiscovered Secret at the back of this newsletter and, to order Emu Oil, see the Road To Health Order Form.

Note: There was a mistake in the #14 newsletter on page 13: “Tetrazine,” a yellow food coloring, was misspelled. The correct spelling of the yellow food coloring is “Tartrazine.” (Thank you, Denise Rubens, for spotting the error!)

Notice: The Material in this letter is for educational purposes only and is not intended as a prescription for any illness.


Black Walnuts Will Be Ready To Harvest Soon!!!
· Black Walnuts will be ready to harvest mid-September until around October 10th.

· Leslie Wood will ship green walnuts to anyone who would like to make their own tincture.

· It takes approximately 10 pounds to fill a 10 quart enamel pot to make Dr. Clark’s “Extra Strength” recipe.

· The price is $4.50 per pound plus shipping.

· Leslie will ship so that they get to you in three days so they will still be green.

· You send payment after receiving them so you know what to pay for the shipping.

· Mail orders are preferred.

· Phone and leave a message if you must, but Leslie rarely picks up the phone: (502) 893-7923.

· Leslie also has ready-made tincture in 8 ounce bottles at a bulk price.

· Please mail your order to:

Leslie Wood, 121 N. Keats Ave., Louisville, KY 40206
Dr. Clark’s Extra Strength Black Walnut Tincture Recipe
(This recipe is four times as strong as the regular Black Walnut Tincture.)
· Your largest enamel or ceramic (not stainless steel, not aluminum) cooking pot, preferably at least 10 quarts (This sits in a cool, dark place, not the refrigerator!)

· Black walnuts, in the hull, each one still at least 50% green, enough to fill the pot to the top (rinse only with cold tap water and use a brush to get off dirt)

· Grain alcohol, about 50% strength, enough to cover the walnuts (Everclear)

· Vitamin C powder, 1 tsp. plus 1 tsp. per quart of tincture

· Plastic wrap or cellophane (this should never touch the walnuts or the alcohol)

· Glass jars or bottles (Freeze unused walnuts in double plastic ziplock bags)

_ The black walnut tree produces large green balls in the fall. The walnut is inside and we use the whole ball, uncracked, since the active ingredient is in the green outer hull.
_ Rinse the walnuts carefully, put them in the pot, and cover with the alcohol. Sprinkle on 1 tsp. vitamin C. Seal with plastic wrap (with the plastic not touching the nuts or the alcohol, but with very little air in pot) and cover tightly with a lid on top of the plastic. Let sit for three days. Pour into glass jars or bottles until full, discarding walnuts, and add more vitamin C (1 tsp. per quart). This will keep the color green. If the glass jar has a metal lid, first put plastic wrap over the top before screwing on the lid. Potency is strong for several years if unopened, even if it darkens slightly.
_ Refrigerate after opening. Due to oxidation the tincture turns brown quickly when the bottle is opened. Add a little more vitamin C to the bottle as soon as you open it and, if possible, pour it into a smaller bottle so there is no air in with the tincture.


Dr. Clark’s Parasite Elimination Program Revised 8/25/97
· Extra Strength Black Walnut Green Hull Tincture (BWT): Measure 2 teaspoons (if you are over 150 pounds, take 2½ tsp.) of the pale green (brown or black is not potent) tincture (extracted using ethyl alcohol only) into a glass with ½ cup of water, add ¼ teaspoon of powdered vitamin C, and drink slowly within 15 minutes (you may add honey or cinnamon). The seriously ill person should initially take this dose several days in a row. After the daily dose regimen, the ill person may skip every other day. After further health improvement, take 2 doses per week. A maintenance level of one dose per week is recommended indefinitely. (Use lukewarm water, not hot, to evaporate the alcohol and take niacinamide 500 mg. to counteract the toxicity of the alcohol.) Family members should also treat themselves with a single dose of BWT every other week to avoid reinfecting the ill patient.
· Clove and Wormwood Capsules: 7 capsules (size 00 or 0) of cloves and 7 capsules of wormwood once a week, in the same day that the BWT mixture is taken. Store-bought ground cloves do not work. The ground cloves must be fresh, so grind your own in a blender or grinder. The wormwood capsules are available as a combination of Artemisia (wormwood) and other herbs. The seriously ill person should initially take this dose several days in a row. After the daily dose regimen, the ill person may skip every other day. After further health improvement, this can be reduced to 2 doses per week. A maintenance level of one dose per week is recommended indefinitely. Family members should also treat themselves with a single dose of clove and wormwood capsules (as well as the BWT) every other week to avoid reinfecting the ill patient.
· Zap with a Zapper: A Zapping session takes 61 minutes (7 min. on, 20 min. off, 7 min. on, 20 min. off, 7 min. on). Zap daily until you are well. No harm has been seen with indefinite zappings (more than one session daily). For maintenance, one session once or twice a week.
· CoQ10: 3-4 grams of the powder, mixed with a little water, once, or every fifth day until you are better. Maintenance dose: 400 mg. daily. Prevent reinfection by eating only well-done meats and boiling milk and butter for 10 seconds (on stove, add a pinch of salt to raise temperature, then, after cooling, add 1/8 tsp. each of baking soda and vitamin C per pint).
· Ozonated Olive Oil: 1 tablespoon ozonated olive oil, simply eaten with food in the usual way. This is followed in a few days by a 2 tablespoon dose and in a few more days by a 3 tablespoon dose. Mixed with vinegar as a dressing or with a vegetable like mashed potatoes is fine. These graded doses let you cope with the die-off, since eyes may itch and tear, head feel dull, etc. as the dead matter waits for elimination. Drink lots of water, take vitamin C, and vitamin E, 400 mg., one a day, two or more hours after the ozonated olive oil (Vitamin C and Vitamin E are antioxidants). As a maintenance dose once a week take two tablespoons of ozonated olive oil (including vitamin C, and vitamin E two or more hours later). You must not take this dosage on a daily basis due to the risk of the ozone jumping across from the oil molecules to your fat molecules, aging them too soon (oxidizing them).
· L-Cysteine: 500 mg, 2 capsules, 3 times a day for three weeks, then go off it completely for one week. Cysteine should be the L-variety, not D-cysteine which is unnatural. It may be cysteine hydrochloride or simply free cysteine. You may want to alkalinize yourself during the initial three weeks with ½ tsp. baking soda at bedtime since all sulfur compounds will acidify you. A maintenance dose is 3 capsules daily in divided doses after the one week off.


More About Dr. Clark’s Parasite Elimination Program
· Extra Strength Black Walnut Tincture (BWT) and Wormwood: BWT and wormwood kill the adults and developmental stages of at least100 parasites.
· Cloves: Cloves kill the eggs of at least 100 parasites.
· Zapper: Although the herbal parasite killing program is highly effective against parasites, you should also kill them electrically. The Zapper kills all bacteria, parasites (including flukes) and viruses that the Zapper current can reach. Each method (herbs and Zapper) has its own area of greatest effectiveness: the Zapper reaches everywhere the bloodstream travels and the herbs reach into the bowel contents and into gallstones, kidney stones and abscesses.
· CoQ10: CoQ10 is effective against most tapeworm scolices (heads) and eggs.
· Ozonated Olive Oil and L-Cysteine The “Mop-Up” Program:
If you do not get well after the herbal parasite program, Zapping or CoQ10, you can assume you have either survivor Ascaris (round worm) eggs or leftover tapeworm larvae.

· When you kill Ascaris worms by zapping or with the herbal recipe, they are mortally wounded. They are dying, but the eggs inside them are not. They were sheltered. The eggs may do even more harm than the worms. They bring 3 very important pathogens with them: Rhizobium leguminosarum, Mycobacterium avium/intracellulare, and the common cold virus, Adenovirus. Fortunately, two things can penetrate Ascaris worms, whether dead or alive! They are ozonated olive oil and L-cysteine.

· A few varieties of tapeworms have larvae inside their larvae! And even these second generation larvae can have more larvae inside them. The innermost larvae are called hydatid sand. E. granulosis is the most common variety to survive herbs, Zapper current and even CoQ10. Streptomyces fungus is one of the things that is found inside the hydatid sand.Streptomyces weakens your thymus gland! It makes protease! It uses up your nucleic acid bases, adenine and hypoxanthine; it makes nitrites out of nitrates; it makes ammonia out of your urea; and it has powerful immune suppressant action on T-cells. Unless you kill every grain of the hydatid sand and other leftover shielded larvae, you cannot get well. At the same time, the cyst must not be opened to let out the harmful bacteria and viruses, but merely penetrated to kill the contents. Fortunately, ozonated olive oil and L-cysteine also can penetrate a succession of tapeworm larvae membranes to kill the larvae within, as well as any trapped eggs.

Directions for Making Ozonated Olive Oil
Purchase your “PortaZone” ozonator (gray plastic box, 13X7X5, with carrying handle) from The Road To Health, 1547 Palos Verdes, #314, Walnut Creek, CA 94596. Send check or MO for $205.95.

· Pour out an inch or so of olive oil from a newly purchased bottle of olive oil.

· Attach an aerator to the end of your ozonator hose and drop it to the bottom of the olive oil bottle. Use a ceramic or wood aerator, available at any pet store (they are used in aquariums), the plastic aerators release benzene!

· The bubbles may make the olive oil flow over the top. If this happens pour more olive oil out of the bottle.

· Turn the ozonator on before dropping the hose in the bottle.

· Ozonate for 20 minutes or longer.

· When done, cap the bottle and store in freezer until you are ready to use it. It melts quickly when needed. (For best results ozonate only 2 ounces of oil at a time.)


Prevent Disease by Equalizing
Your Intake of Acid (H+) and Alkaline (OH-) Substances
by Bonnie O’Sullivan

Does the water you drink and use for cooking test acid? Do you eat mostly grains, eggs, dairy, meats and sugar all acid forming foods? Do you ingest oil that has been hydrogenated (margarine, shortening, partially hydrogenated peanut butter) which causes the formation of trans- fatty acids1? Do you ingest oil that has been heated to a high temperature (French fries, potato chips, commercial salad oils) which also causes the formation of trans- fatty acids? (Trans- fatty acids test acid while natural, unheated and un-hydrogenated oils test neutral.)
Foods and liquids that are acid forming (yielding a large acid residue in metabolism) deplete our reserves of electrolytes which are the alkalizing minerals (having the power of neutralizing acids): sodium, potassium. calcium and magnesium.

Does Anything Else Cause Acid To Form In Our Body?
Stress/trauma, overeating, infections of bacteria, parasites, yeast, fungus, and other harmful microorganisms, metal toxicity (such as mercury in fillings in our teeth) and air pollution all cause acid to form in the body. Exercise increases acid in the body as well, but rapid, deep breathing reduces it. A high acid environment (in the body) causes a low-oxygen environment and a high oxygen environment causes a low-acid environment.

Our Blood Must Be Kept Slightly Alkaline
Normal human blood, according to the Merck Manual, has a pH between 7.35 and 7.45, a very narrow range and very slightly alkaline. Every metabolic function of the body depends upon maintaining the blood pH in this range. (A pH of 7.0 is neutral. Numbers higher than 7.0 are alkaline. Numbers below 7.0 are acid.) The maintenance of normal blood pH is second only to breathing! A blood pH of 6.95 results in coma and death. A blood pH of 7.7 causes convulsions and death. With acid blood, the heart relaxes and ceases to beat, and with too alkaline blood it contracts and ceases to beat.


Electrolytes Remove Acid From The Body At A Cost
When our food and/or drink is acid forming our blood pH drops. The good news is that when this happens, the buffer of sodium bicarbonate that is always in the blood binds with the acid, diluting it. If the acid keeps coming, the body can and does draw alkalizing minerals from every cell of every organ and/or bone in the body to keep the blood at the perfect 7.4 pH. The bad news is that in doing so the alkalizing minerals are lost (they go out with the acids in the urine and the feces). It is in this way that we gradually drain ourselves of these minerals. This causes radical metabolic imbalances:
· If the body removes sodium from the stomach, then the stomach can no longer create hydrochloric acid.
· If it removes sodium from the bile, then the bile turns acid and this causes the formation of mucoid plaque in the intestine and plays a part in every serious bowel disease (such as cancer, colitis, etc.).
· If the body takes potassium from the heart, then heart disease can develop.
· If it removes alkaline minerals from the liver, then hundreds of problems can occur.
· If it takes calcium from the bones, then osteoporosis and arthritis can occur, etc.

Water pH Is Extremely Important To Your Health
Most discussions of water quality ignore whether your drinking water is very acid, alkaline or neutral. This is a terrible mistake! You can test your water with pH litmus papers and a color chart. Order the pH litmus paper from Lab Safety Supply, 800-356-0783. Their catalog number TL-23890 Combination Dispenser gives you two rolls and color charts, one for acids 0.0 to 6.0 and the other for almost neutral to alkaline, 6.5 to 13.0. With these strips you can read your water’s pH to within 0.5 pH almost as accurately as a water lab can record. When you get your pH paper you will find you will want to test all kinds of liquids you drink, and you will be shocked at how many of them are acid. Coffee, tea and virtually all soda drinks are extremely acid. I found tap water and all bottled water, including distilled, to have a pH of 5.5 (very acid). Continuing to drink water this acid would require several grams of absorbable calcium a day, more than provided by any mineral supplement on the market. Drinking water is supposed to be between 6.1 and 7.6 according to most health information available today.

Eating and Drinking and To Preserve Electrolytes
Alkaline forming foods include all fruits and vegetables, provided they are ripe. Exceptions are spinach, cranberries, plums, prunes, citrus and pineapple. All foods become acid when sugar is added. (Unheated, un-hydrogenated nut and seed oils have a neutral pH.)
Acid forming foods include grains, rice, oatmeal, corn meal, tofu, eggs, dairy products, butter, all animal products including birds, fish and sea foods, nuts, seeds, legumes, lentils, chickpeas, chocolate, alcohol, aspirin, honey, distilled vinegar, canned vegetables, canned, glazed or sulfured fruits, pepper, soft drinks, tea, coffee, beer, mustard, niacin, vitamin C (and spinach, cranberries, plums, prunes, citrus and pineapple).
Mineral water in glass bottles is the best water to drink provided it does not have contaminants in it (test with a syncrometer). At Wild Oats in Berkeley (510-549-1714) I found a great tasting mineral water from Germany called Gerolsteiner Sprudel. It has a pH of 6.8.
References: Cleanse & Purify Thyself by Richard Anderson of Arise and Shine, Self-Reliant Living #175, 1997, Carl E. Krupp, Publisher, (541) 476-4721, fax (541) 479-5945, The Facts About Fats by Abram Hoffer, MD and Fats That Heal Fats That Kill by Udo Erasmus.

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1 Trans- fatty acids are formed when nut and seed oils are either hydrogenated or heated to high temperatures. When ingested, hard and altered oils lower oxygen levels in the body which increases acid levels. Trans- fats cause animals to eat six times as much food as does natural fat in their feed but then they die of heart attacks before they reach maturity farmers learned in the 50s not to feed their livestock trans- fatty acids! However, mass marketing companies are still selling trans- fatty acids to uninformed people because heating and/or hydrogenating nut and seed oil extends its shelf-life.
Essential fatty acids (EFAs) (essential nutrients are those that the body requires, cannot make from other substances and must therefore get from foods) as found in seeds of flax, hemp and evening primrose oil, increase metabolism/oxygen levels, enhance immune functions, and feed the brain. Liver and gall bladder problems have been healed by taking flax seed oil with a sulfur containing protein (2 ounces of low fat milk). Store flax seed oil in opaque containers, protected from light, oxygen, and heat.
Butter, and tropical fats coconut, palm, palm kernel, cocoa, and shea nut are safest for frying, because they contain only small quantities of EFAs. The saturated fatty acids contained in these oils are inert and therefore heat-stable. Heat does not destroy them in the same way as it destroys EFAs, which heat turns into poisonous breakdown products that interfere with EFA functions.
Do not use olive oil for cooking, it turns into a trans- fat if heated. For salads use olive oil from Italy. The Italian government passed a law that olive oil must be protected from heat and hydrogenation.

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