"Body Soaks work even when all else fails"

In 1996, Alternative Medicine Digest highlighted an article about how Dr. Lee Cowden, a cardiologist from Dallas, Texas, provided a protocol for very sick women whose bodies were internally poisoned from breast implants that leached silicone throughout the body.

The article went on to state how quick and effective the Body Soak Gold was in triggering the expulsion of "white" silicone flecks that appeared in the bath water. Since that time DNR has shipped Body Soak Gold to hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices and directly to dealers with clients experiencing problems with breast implants.

Today, DNR manufactures 18 different Body Soak formulations. Each one relates specifically to a condition or series of conditions. While each formulation can balance the body and increase vitality, their major function is to free up blocked energy pathways. As these processes are all taking place, toxic accumulations can be safely removed in a unique manner through the pores of the skin. Any other method could break down toxins from the walls of fatty tissue and circulate them through the blood stream, where they may relodge themselves into the body's organs, glands, and tissue.

We all know there are those who simply won’t go to the trouble of taking a regimen of soaks, no matter how toxic their bodies are. Body Soaks are not part of their daily or nightly routine. Maybe if they could see government reports that clearly indicate 100% of the population is poisoned with toxic metals and chemicals - or maybe if they truly believed that these toxins cause disease and premature death, a 30 minute soak twice each week for several months might just be worth it.

If there were an easier, faster and simpler way that was as effective in ridding the body of toxic pollutants, we would make it or recommend it. If there were a better way to restore energy movement and rebalance the entire body, we would do it. We feel each human being deserves the best, and DNR Body Soaks are simply the best.

How Body Soaks are Formulated to Work

Imagine, just a few short years ago scientists developed a new way to unlock hotel/motel room doors without using expensive keys. Now, by taking a small credit card sized piece of plastic, the hotel front desk can encode signals that can unlock a specific guest room door. The little strip on the back of the card can hold thousands of bits of information, just like your credit cards.

Diamondhead Laboratories, in a joint venture with DNR, Inc., has been successful in encoding specific energy signals into energy-based water solutions. Like key cards, these solutions can hold thousands of bits of information. These energy encoded solutions can then be used in products for oral, topical and bath soak applications.

Each individual formulation, upon the appropriate contact with the body, sends subtle energized light-wave signals to a targeted areas of the body. Each formulated item will carry an electrical charge with a select group of subtle energy codes that deals specifically with certain conditions and/or areas of the body.

The body's sensitive, yet complex, communication system responds to these signaling impulses in a manner similar to your TV or garage door opener when it responds to your remote control. Sensors in the body detect these light activated signals and respond according to their encoded frequency selection.

The electrical charge in each formulation is sufficient to trigger the movement of natural energy throughout the body as well as energy pathways that may be blocked or too weak to be utilized by the body.

The DNR Body Soaks are formulated to trigger all the areas of the body needing attention during each soaking period. Toxins of all kinds are encouraged to move outwardly through the pores of the skin where they can do no harm. They are not broken down and circulated throughout the body. Toxins move to the surface of the skin and are attached to the hair and skin until they are washed away.

The electrical charge in each Body Soak offers the body's 1,300-plus acupoints a triggering, or stimulation, of sorts. This, along with the coded frequency signals and the body's natural feelings of vitality and energy, can bring about the restoration of balance.

The 18 DNR, Inc. Body Soaks

Body Soak Clear
Hormone - Balance - Stress - Emotions - Sleep
Maintains emotional and energy balance. Relaxes before bedtime. Excellent for PMS, Menopause related occurrences.
Item 105-C, 32 ounces
Suggested Retail Price $52.00

Body Soak Gold
Stress - Cleansing - Breast Implants - Relaxing - Emotions
Provides maximum detoxification benefits for toxic chemicals such as silicone. Use at night. If highly toxic you can usually see the bath water change color as the cleansing and rebalancing takes place. When the color of the bath water no longer changes, you may begin soaking with Body Soak Clear and/or Blue.
Item 105-G, 32 ounces
Suggested Retail Price $52.00

Body Soak Blue
Vitality - Balance - Energy - Pain - Fatigue
Formulated for those wanting a feeling of increased energy and vitality. This Soak Should Only Be Taken In The Morning! Developed for M.S. and fatigue sufferers.
Item 105-B, 32 ounces
Suggested Retail Price $52.00

Body Soak Amber
Pain - Cleansing - Inflammation - Balance - Fluids
Specially formulated for those individuals severely out of balance due to the symptoms of pain and stress. Helps the body deal with soreness, deep pain and localized pain.
Item 105-A, 32 ounces
Suggested Retail Price $52.00

Body Soak Amber PLUS
Extra Pain - Cleansing - Inflammation - Balance
Trigger your body's own natural "pharmacy" of pain killers. Formulated to handle pain situations experienced by long term or chronic pain sufferers. Should be used with Liquid Triggers Pain Gel.
Item 105-A, 32 ounces
Suggested Retail Price $52.00

Body Soak Gold Extra Strength
Yeast - Fungal - Candida
Especially formulated for those with chronic yeast-type attacks. Works quickly and effectively to restore digestive balance and major defensive properties. Fortifies the body's ability to fight off and overcome the spread of fungus and infection. Should be used with INT-602-EX and GEL-138.
Item 105-GEX, 32 ounces
Suggested Retail Price $97.00

ChekMate® Body Soak
Pain - Balance - Joints - Inflammation - Entire Body - Toxicity - Muscles
Provides quick rebalancing relief to the entire body. Enhances the body’s ability to deal with pain and inflammation of the joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Should be used with ChekMate Spray.
Item 105-CM, 32 ounces
Suggested Retail Price $52.00

Exstress Body Soak
Stress - Depression - Tension - Relaxation - Anxiety - Hypericum - St. John’s Wort - Pain
For dealing with any problem caused by depression, anger, tension and stress related problems. Derived from all of the known herbal, botanical and homeopathic remedies used for dealing with all levels of stress related imbalances. Safe, effective and fast acting. Should be used with regular or Extra-Strength Exstress Oral Drops.
Item 105-EXT, 32 ounces
Suggested Retail Price $52.00

Liquid Needle Foot Soak
Balance - Vitality - Pain - Stress - Hormone - Emotions
For those individuals unable to soak in a bathtub or needing help with the feet, ankles and toes. Provides the balancing benefits of Body Soak Clear, Blue and Gold. Powerful soak product.
Item LNFS, 32 ounces
Suggested Retail Price $60.00

Sports Soak - Physical
Alertness - Concentration - Stamina - Vitality - Energy
Use 12 to 24 hours prior to an athletic event or activity to help the body establish and maintain maximum balance and performance. Helps the body maximize its energy, concentration, stamina, and vitality during strenuous activities. Should be used with Sports Topical Physical (ST-P).
Item SS-P, 32 ounces
Suggested Retail Price $52.00

Sports Soak - Mental/Emotional
Feel Calm, Relaxed, Peaceful - Cleansing - Toning - Faster Healing - Loosen Muscles, Tendons, Ligaments
Use after a sporting event or any activity to cleanse and help the body detox. Helps the body restore its mental and emotional balance. Helps muscles, tendons and ligaments loosen up after strenuous activity. Should be used with Sports Topical Mental (ST-M).
Item SS-M, 32 ounces
Suggested Retail Price $52.00

C.O.F.-130 Extra Strength Body Soak
Cleansing - Radiation Therapy - Toxins - Metals - Chemicals
Formulated by using specific light energy frequencies that trigger stimulation of toxic cells and detoxification. Excellent support product for those with heavy metal, toxic and poisonous accumulations and free radical advancements. Should be used with COF-520EX Oral Drops.
Item COF-130EX, 32 ounces
Suggested Retail Price $97.00

C.A.N.-133 Body Soak
Carcinogens - Radiation - Chemotherapy - Free Radicals - T-Cells - Immune System - Pain
Many distinct and severe side effects challenge the chemotherapy and radiation patient. Has all the features of Body Soak Gold coupled with signals designed to help the body cleanse and counter free radicals, chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Helps trigger and support all immune responses. Should be used with CAN-509EX Oral Drops.
Item CAN-133, 32 ounces
Suggested Retail Price $97.00

T.A.B.-132 Body Soak
Cleansing - Firm Skin - Cellulite - Metabolism - Energy
Proper metabolism maximizes energy utilization and minimizes intake demands. Cleanses away epi-toxin buildup from skin tissue as it tightens and firms the body. Helps reduce the unsightly appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. Should be used with TAB-523 Oral Drops.
Item TAB-132, 32 ounces
Suggested Retail Price $97.00

C.I.G.-131 Body Soak
Smoking - Drugs - Cleansing - Appetite - Will Power - Energy
Assists the smoker in maintaining the ease, will power and energy necessary in dealing with “quitting” smoking. Helps the body cleanse away accumulated chemicals and tobacco toxins. Should be used with CIG-522 Oral Drops.
Item CIG-131, 32 ounces
Suggested Retail Price $97.00

P.A.R.-134 Body Soak
Parasites Only
Besides creating an unlivable atmosphere for parasites, P.A.R.-134 uses high frequency signals to “zap” living parasites and their eggs. Should be used with PAR-534 Oral Drops.
Item PAR-134, 32 ounces
Suggested Retail Price $52.00

Lympha Soak
Lymphatic System - Immune System - Youthful Appearance
Helps the body initiate drainage & cleansing, increase lymph flow, utilize cancer fighting cells, balance all immune system activity and restore youthful, healthy appearance. Should be used with Lympha Drops (LD-528).
Item 105-L, 32 ounces
Suggested Retail Price $52.00

R.E.S.-105 Body Soak
Respiratory System - Lungs - Bronchus
Formulated to cleanse cavities in the lungs that may be affected by inhaled and absorbed harmful agents including certain drugs and second hand smoke. Should be used with RES-SYS-Extra Strength (RES-SYS-EX).
Item RES-105, 32 ounces
Suggested Retail Price $97.00