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Alkaline Soup

This is a strong soup which is heavily laden with plenty of minerals and is especially good to start a basic diet with. It will also correct a poor diet or can be the liquid to drink in a crash diet.

Ones body will become more alkaline, and the raw egg yolk yields fat of a high quality, which the body needs for hormone synthesis, e.g. adrenaline synthesis, which is very important during a time of exhaustion and recovery.

This explains why there is an extraordinarily stimulating effect from having a coup of soup in the morning. It eliminates acid and will help to improve day and night rhythms, which are often very much disturbed in cases of adrenaline exhaustion.



  • Celery
  • Green Beans (Fresh or quick frozen)
  • Zucchini
  • Eventually potatoes (especially in wintertime)

Take equal amounts of all vegetables and cut them in small pieces.

Cook the vegetables for about 15 to 20 minutes. Take them (the vegetables, toss out or compost) out of the water and add some vegetarian broth to it. Never use meat broth or salt.

Add a raw egg yolk to it, after the liquid has cooled down to 85 - 105 degrees so the valuable egg yolk components will not become denatured (half an egg yolk per person or big cup of soup).

The soup should be consumed the same day or at latest the following day.

Try this. You will be surprised by the stimulating effect.


This recipe was given to Sandy while at the Foxhollow Clinic in Kentucky in 2002 to help alkalize her.

Credit on the page was given to Dr. Thomas Rau, Switzerland

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