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How To Test Yourself For Candida

Some health care professionals believe that candida infects 89% of the US population. Many Americans don’t realize that candidiasis is caused by the overuse and abuse of antibiotics, steroids, NSAIDs and poor dietary habits. By simply following the standard of healthcare in our society and eating the standard American diet, you may be putting yourself at risk of recurrent candida yeast infections. Here are two tests you can do at home yourself and get a pretty accurate idea as to whether you are experiencing a problem with candida overgrowth.
Apr 2, 2004, 15:21

How to Kick Your Candida Problem

Candida is a yeast-like fungus that is a part of the normal flora in the intestinal tract. When your body is healthy, candida remains in balance with the other friendly bacteria that reside in this region of the body. It only becomes a problem when this balance is disturbed and the candida yeast multiplies out of control. You can correct your candida yeast problem by eliminating the cause of the overgrowth and restoring balance to your intestinal flora.
Apr 2, 2004, 15:18

A Few Suggestions About Mercurial Fillings For Teeth

A Few Suggestions About Mercurial Fillings For Teeth
by William P. Wesselhoeft, MD. Boston, MA.
printed in the International Hahnemannian Association Trasnsactions, 1896, pages 200- 209

Jan 21, 2004, 08:42

Blood infected by bacterial invasion

Q: Can you explain to me what a staph infection and septicemia are and how you get them? My father died from this.
Mar 22, 2003, 22:42

Water Oz Minerals and Our Health
The solution to our health problems - found in 1992, The following announcement was made in 1992:
"David Hinkson, founder of Water Oz, is proud to announce a major breakthrough never before offered anywhere - minerals essential to the human body in an ionic, angstrom size, water-soluble form."
Visit Website ]
Mar 1, 2003, 19:22

Are You Turning to Stone?

Actually, we all are. As we age, calcium leaves the bones and teeth where it belongs, and deposits itself in soft tissues of the body.

When the calcium deposits in the arteries, it is called arteriosclerosis.

Mar 1, 2003, 13:25

Millions Infected With Deadly Parasite Spread By Cats
Sent By a reader
Research on diseases spread by pets has come up with alarming results. According to a recent study, the domestic cat has spread a parasite that causes devastating birth defects in humans
Feb 1, 2003, 22:32

Dr. William Donald Kelley, DDS  
Coaching about Dr. Kelley's Program

If you might need coaching on Dr. Kelley's Program, I have 6 Years of coaching experiance mentored by Dr. Kelley
Jan 27, 2003, 21:11

Dr. William Donald Kelley, DDS  
A Review of Dr. Kelley’s Pancreatic Cancer Patients

The Medical Establishment has for many years endeavored to discredit Dr. Kelley’s most successful Cancer Paradigm developed in 1963.
Jan 15, 2003, 11:23

Alternatives in Healing
Coaching & Energy Work
What would you think if you heard that some major chronic illnesses can be reversed in the time it takes to boil water.?
Dec 29, 2002, 19:01

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