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Product Reviews

E3Live Aphanizomenon (AFA) , Simply the Best
By Staff
Dec 17, 2002, 17:16

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E3Live Aphanizomenon (AFA) , Simply the Best

Read Bonnie's Story about E3Live

There is only one ingredient in E3LIVE, and that's 100% Aphanizomenon flos-aquae, a fresh water, edible species of blue-green algae, the most nutritious food on the planet. Algae are non-flowering water plants that grow in almost every drop of sunlit water and every gram of soil, on the barks of trees and the surfaces of rocks. It is estimated that there are as many as 50,000 species; these include seaweeds and plankton.

Collectively, algae is responsible for 90% of the Earth's oxygen and 80% of its food supply. Perhaps the most interesting of the algal family are the blue-greens, of which there are about 1500 species--the Upper Klamath Lake algae, APHANIZOMENON FLOS-AQUAE, or AFA for short, being one of them. AFA is a very special form of algae. All foods reflect the environment in which they are grown. The beautiful, unpolluted Upper Klamath Lake-one of the few remaining alkaline lakes on the planet holds the key to it's remarkable potency.

This lake has an astonishingly high mineral concentration due to a massive volcanic eruption that occured in the vicinity over 7,000 years ago, covering the area with millions of tons of mineral ash. Seventeen streams and rivers deposit into the 140 square mile lake an annual average of 50,000 tons of the mineral-rich silt from the surrounding 4000 square mile volcanic basin, making Upper Klamath Lake one of the richest nutrient traps in the world.

Much has been learned about this amazing food since it became available as a food source over 20 years ago. There are more benefits being discovered every day as this algae is introduced to the medical and scientific societies. AFA has been available in powders and capsules, but now, for the first time in history, AFA is available in its much more potent and vibrant LIQUID form.

The numerous reported benefits of E3LIVE are based on scientific research, the clinical results of health care practioners and the testimonials of real people. Although the following statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and E3LIVE is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease, by eliminating hidden nutritional deficiencies and detoxifying the body, the nutrients in E3LIVE can help to:

  • Increase energy, stamina and feelings of well being
  • Enhance brain function including heightened mental clarity and creativity
  • Increase mental focus and concentration
  • Stabilize mood swings
  • Balance blood sugar levels
  • Decrease insulin requirements
  • decrease side effects of chemotherapy
  • Support a youthful appearance
  • Maintain healthy cholesterol levels
  • Reverse or delay premature aging by repairing cellular damage
  • Increase clarity and sharpness of eyesight
  • Alleviate depression and reduce mood swings
  • Helps to normalize weight
  • Balance the endocrine system
  • Stimulate and enhance the immune system
  • Normalize the appetite, naturally
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Promote intestinal regularity
  • Purify and nourish the blood
  • Promote the growth of stronger nails, smoother skin and silkier hair.

To preserve E3Live’s fragile nutrients it is important to keep it cold at all times. To accomplish this, allow E3Live to defrost IN YOUR REFRIGERATOR so that only a portion of the total bottle thaws out at any one time. (It thaws out from 35º to 38º F.)

This thawed out liquid portion is your first 5-7 day supply. Pour it into another bottle and keep it in the refrigerator.

The remainder of the original bottle that is still in a semi-frozen state (15º to 30º F) or a completely frozen state (0º to 5º F) should be stored in the FREEZER portion of your refrigerator. When you’re ready for your next 5-7 day supply, shift this frozen bottle to the refrigerator portion and repeat the process in the above paragraph.

The reason it’s important to keep E3Live cold at all times is that nutrients and life-force are extremely sensitive to heat. Chlorophyll in particular is the most fragile nutrient in E3Live. In its live state, chlorophyll is a highly effective and powerful blood builder and purifier.

If you’re careful in keeping your E3Live Algae below 38º F, its freshness and potency is maximized.

You are so important to us that we insist that this product be kept frozen for you so it is shipped by FedEx.

Of course shipping is expensive for fast delivery so to make up for the high cost of shipping we add additional product to offset the cost.

Special Pricing

Or call 800-651-7080
Note: This product is shipped only Mondays - Wednesdays so that your order will arrive in ideal condition.
Practitioners call 800-651-7080 for special arrangements.

Complete Nutrition From E3 (Earth’s Essential Elements)

The discovery of this ancient strain of blue-green micro-algae Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA) has led to a new Super Food that contains more protein and chlorophyll than any other food source. Primitive as algae may appear, most are highly efficient photo synthesizers, even more so than plants. Algae utilize light energy from the sun, carbon dioxide from the air, and hydrogen from the water to synthesize proteins, carbohydrates and lipids. E3 Earth’s Essential Elements grows only in the wild and is far superior to any other algae on the planet. It is nature’s perfect food.

E3 Earth’s Essential Elements is unique among all food grade algae’s in that it also metabolizes molecular nitrogen from the air to produce its proteins and other nitrogen containing bio-molecules. The AFA cell is truly awe-inspiring. Although hundreds of times smaller than the cells of the plant or animal kingdoms, its wide range of sixty-four micro-nutrients is remarkable and unsurpassed by any known food. It should be no surprise that the nucleic acids of AFA algae also bio-stimulate the immune system.

About the Brain

The brain is the most undernourished organ in the body. Although it comprises only 2% of the total body weight, it uses 20% of the body’s available energy resources. Each of its estimated 10 billion neurons has an insatiable appetite, which must be satisfied every minute of every day of our lives. AFA metabolizes molecular nitrogen directly from the air. This growth pattern allows for the biosynthesis of Low Molecular Weight Peptide Groups. These low molecular weight peptides are the precursors of neurotransmitters, which are used by various regions of the brain and body to initiate the secretion of other substances (such as hormones) that influence metabolic functions.

Neurotransmitters can be seen as the chemical link whereby neurons communicate with one another. The ability of the brain neurons to manufacture and utilize neurotransmitters is dependent upon the concentration of amino acids in the bloodstream. This largely depends upon the food consumption of the previous meal.

The Importance of Protein and Amino Acids

All of the body’s basic biochemical processes require energy to occur. It is from the ingestion of various food substances that the required amount of energy is obtained. The central part of the body’s energy package that provides for the replication and repair of cells, organs and organ systems is protein. Next to water, protein is the most abundant substance in a healthy human body. It comprises a major portion of the blood and lymph and creates a natural immunity by giving the body a means of recognizing invading foreign cells and viruses.

Proteins are made up of amino acids, which are the building blocks of the body. Proteins comprise 90% of the hemoglobin and form the backbone of the body’s immune system. The algae contains more protein than any other organism (plant or animal). There are 22 amino acids; 8 of these are essential and must be obtained from our foods. Without proper quantities of all the amino acids, health cannot be maintained. When improper amounts of amino acids are consumed, the less important body tissues are “cannibalized” causing premature aging and possible severe deficiencies, such as lack of motivation, loss of memory, low mental alertness, poor intellectual performance and depression. What is truly unique about the algae is that its amino acid profile is almost identical to that found in our body, making E3 Earth’s Essential Elements one of nature’s perfect foods.


Research has shown it's not only what you eat, but what your body absorbs and assimilates that is important. Micro-algae, existing at the beginning of the food chain, provide nutrition in its simplest form, balanced whole food nutrition that is easily digested and absorbed. E3 Earth's Essential Elements has a soft cell wall that is easily digested by the body. This allows rapid absorption of vital nutrients with 97% assimilation. This algae, harvested from the wild in its 100% organic natural state, comes to you directly from southern Oregon's extraordinary Upper Klamath Lake. Located at 4000 feet in elevation, the lake is far away from any large cities that might pollute the air and water, and it is also entirely surrounded by the Cascade Mountains. This unique ecosystem of mineral-rich water, clean air and high intensity sunlight makes Upper Klamath Lake the perfect growth medium for this nutrient-dense whole food.


Chlorophyll is a very important part of the algae. Its molecular structure is almost the same as that of the hemoglobin, which is responsible for carrying throughout the body. Oxygen is the prime nutrient, and chlorophyll is the central molecule for increasing the oxygen availability to your system. Chlorophyll is vital for the body's rapid assimilation of amino acids. Algae is the highest know source of chlorophyll.


(per 10 grams)

E3 AFA Algae

300 mg


115 mg


280 mg

Barley Grass

149 mg

Wheat Grass

55 mg



Minerals are important to the overall functioning of the mind and body. They have two general body functions - building and regulating. Without minerals, vitamins have no function. Minerals help build the skeleton and all soft tissues, and regulate heartbeat, blood clotting, internal pressure of body fluids, nerve response and oxygen transport from the lungs to the tissues. E3 Earth's Essential Elements contains almost every organic mineral in trace amounts, which is what the body must have to function well. Minerals can literally mean the difference between good health and serious disease. While the minerals only represent about one percent or less of our daily food intake, without them we cannot utilize our food, and we would quickly perish.


(per 1 gram of algae)


10.00 mg



14.00 mg


464.00 mcg


0.53 mcg


2.00 mcg


4.00 mcg


38.00 mcg


0.27 mcg


0.53 mcg


350.70 mcg


2.20 mg


32.00 mcg


3.30 mcg


5.30 mcg


5.10 mg


12.00 mcg


0.67 mcg


186.70 mcg


2.70 mg


0.50 mcg


23.30 mcg


2.70 mcg


18.70 mcg




The body uses beta carotene to produce its own vitamin A. Because the body converts beta carotene into vitamin A only as needed, there is no threat of toxic build up. The beta carotene in E3 Earth's Essential Elements is probably one of the most powerful natural antioxidants known today. It may well be the single most important factor towards enhancing the immune system (by protecting the thymus gland) and thus increasing our life span. However, the potential healing properties of beta carotene are maximized ONLY when other precious carotenoids are also present. E 3 Earth's Essential Elements contains dozens of carotenoids, all able to neutralize the deleterious effects of dangerous free radicals. In the past 25 years, twenty-four worldwide studies have looked at beta carotene. All findings are consistent. Leading degenerative disease research authorities have shown that people who consume higher-than-average amounts of foods rich in beta carotene have lower incidence of degenerative disease.



We can go without food for weeks but without water we die of dehydration in a few days. Over two thirds of our body is water, yet most of us don't clearly understand the importance of drinking pure water (no chlorine, no chemicals, no bacteria or carcinogens.) Water is the most abundant compound in the human body and is necessary for:

·        Digestion of food

·        Regulation of body temperature

·        Transport of food to the tissues

·        Elimination of toxins and body wastes

·        Circulation of body fluids (like blood and lymph)

·        Lubricant in the joints and internal organs - keeping them moist

·        Permitting the passage of substances between the cells and blood vessels

Water is part of the blood system holding dissolved minerals, like calcium and magnesium, in solution and making them available to body tissues where they are required for proper health. When water consumption is limited, the body robs some areas to protect different tissues and organs, which results in pain, tissue damage, and a variety of common health problems. All too frequently we tend to confuse thirst with hunger and instead of drinking water, we eat, leading to weight gain. Your body needs a minimum of 1/2 ounce of pure water, per pound of body weight, per day.


Recently the first stage of an extensive research project carried out at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal, Canada produced some remarkable results. The project studies the effect of Aphanizomenon flos-aquae on the immune and endocrine systems, as well as on general blood physiology. It was discovered that eating AFA had a profound and unique effect on Natural Killer (NK) cells. The results were recently published under the title: Effects of the Blue Green Algae Aphanizomenon flos-aquae on Human Natural Killer Cells. It appears in Chapter 3.1 of the IBC Library Series, Volume 1911, Phytoceuticals: Examining the health benefit and pharmaceutical properties of natural antioxidants and phytochemicals.

NK cells have the ability to search for and recognize cells that are cancerous or have been infected by a virus, and kill them. The team of research scientists at the Royal Victoria Hospital, led by Dr. Gitte S. Jensen, discovered that eating Aphanizomenon flos-aquae triggers the movement of 40% of the circulating NK cells from the blood to the tissues where their main function is to perform immune surveillance and eliminate cancerous and virally-infected cells. Further research may prove that eating a small amount of AFA every day could assist in the prevention of cancer and viral infections. No other substance is known to trigger such a movement of NK cells in the body. This is very exciting news! We hope you will share it with everyone you know!  


America's food supply is highly refined, processed, genetically altered and nutrient deficient. All of these factors negatively affect our bodies over time. It is very difficult to eat and stay healthy on the typical American diet. Over production of our farmlands have depleted the soils, causing our foods to be nutrient deficient. Most of the major degenerative diseases are largely caused by poor diet and unhealthy foods. Dr. Stanley S. Bass, N.D., D.C., Ph.C. says: The closer the food comes to the natural state in which it occurs, or the closer we come to its raw, unfired form, the higher its quality is. In this condition, all the enzymes are found intact. The amino acids are in their finest form. The minerals, vitamins, trace elements, carbohydrates and life force are present. This life force is, in turn, capable of reproducing tissue which is full of life and longer lasting in structure. Eating organically grown unprocessed foods, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds provides your body nutrients that are free of herbicides, pesticides and preservatives.

E3 Earth's Essential Elements Aphanizomenon flos-aquae is nature's most basic food. It exists at the beginning of the food chain, provides perfect nutrition and contains more protein than other whole foods. This super nutrition provides rich naturally occurring Chlorophyll. Chlorophyll has been shown to enhance your entire health and boosts the immune system. This amazing food can also help to purify the blood, promote intestinal regularity and naturally help heal the body.

Good nutrition is the first step toward a long and happy life!


The benefits of Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (Blue-Green Algae) are directly proportional to the quality and exact source of the algae.

Unless you know the source of the algae, there is no guarantee of quality. E3 Earth's Essential Elements has been harvested from the purest and healthiest algae from the deepest waters of the Upper Klamath Lake. We bring you the most potent algae available.  

Aphanizomenon flos-aquae from Klamath Lake is the very best that algae can be. It is the most fundamental food on the planet; there is simply nothing else like it. Algae has been harvested and eaten for centuries and yet, until recently, its immense nutritional value has mostly gone unrecognized. Now, science has begun to focus their attention on the nutritional potential of algae because of global hunger, shrinking resources, depleted lands, etc. The results of this research and testing have been impressive enough for UC Irvine scientists to call it a "Super Food, capable of contributing to the achievement and maintenance of wellness".




(%Dry Weight)

















Vitamins are essential to human life. They are organic compounds necessary in small amounts to promote growth and maintenance of life. They do not provide energy, nor do they construct or build any part of the body. They are needed to transform food into energy for the body. E3 Earth's Essential Elements contains a complete balance of vitamins except for vitamins "D" and "E". Spending time outdoors in the sun provides a source for vitamin "D", where it is formed in the skin by ultra violet rays. Eating high chlorophyll foods helps produce vitamin "E" in the body.


(per 1 gram of algae)

Provitamin A (beta carotene)

2400.00 IU

Thiamine B1

4.80 mcg

Riboflavin B2

57.40 mcg

Pyridoxine B6

11.10 mcg

Cobalamin B12

8.00 mcg

Ascorbic Acid C

6.70 mg


0.13 mg

Folic Acid

1.00 mcg


2.30 mg

Pantothenic Acid

6.80 mcg


0.33 mcg

Vitamin E

0.13 IU mcg


0.35 mg



E3Live Athlete Testimonials

Mary Louise Zeller, 57-Year-Old Tae Kwon Do U.S. National Champion, Gold Medal International Champion competing against opponents 40 years younger

“At 57, I’m the oldest competitor to have ever won a U.S. National Tae Kwon Do championship and a Gold Medal in full-contact sparring at an International Championship Competition. Some people might think I have a rare genetic make-up that would allow me to do what I do. Yet when I started Tae Kwon Do at the age of 46, I weighed 25 pounds more, couldn’t run a block without stopping, and was experiencing the dreaded decline of aging. Instead of my being some extraordinary exception to the rule, I now know that that superior health is available to everyone! E3Live not only delivers more protein needed for muscle growth and repair and is a rich source of phyto-nutrients; it also makes a huge impact on my emotional and mental well-being. At 57, I also experience no symptoms associated with menopause. I literally have another youth to live. Two additional benefits of E3Live have been in increased memory and keeping my mood positive. E3Live is a breakthrough supplement for the modern human being, something that can strengthen us in the face of today’s environmental stress, emotional stress and the physical stress of the modern American diet. E3Live is an important member of my team.”

Myles Padaca, Elite World Class Surfer

“Competing in the world’s top contests as a professional surfer, I’m always looking for that competitive edge and for ways to improve my performance. I’m confident that I’ve found it with E3Live!

“My first chance to test E3Live was the XCEL PRO competition. I used E3Live in my blended fruit smoothie in the morning and then made a second batch that I drank throughout the rest of the day. Mentally, E3Live helped me to stay clear-minded and focused all day. Physically, I usually feel somewhat fatigued after a twenty-minute heat of non-stop paddling, but with the help of E3Live, I felt fine and eager for my next heat. In all, I surfed five heats that day and took first place in my first four heats and finished third overall out of 160 world-class competitors.

“So, as we say in Hawaii, I’m “really stoked” with E3Live! Not only am I glad I finally found E3Live to boost my surfing performance, it also contributes to my overall health and well-being.”

Grant Hacket, Long Distance Swimmer, Olympic Gold Medal Winner in Swimming

“Leading up to the Olympics my training schedule is full on. After the last training session each day I feel pretty drained.

“Since I started with E3Live algae I’ve noticed a big difference. My recovery is so much quicker than before and I have a lot more energy. About a week after I started eating E3Live, I swam in a lead up competition in Brisbane. I had some E3Live just before the 400 metres. I was amazed at how good I felt throughout the swim but in particular the last 100 metres. I felt very powerful and even though I came home in really good time I had a little bit in reserve. I also felt really good in the 200 metres and the 1500 metres. Generally I felt excellent over the whole meet. Usually competition takes a lot out of me. It’s hard to recover after a demanding meet and almost impossible to get through the first couple of days training without hurting, but this time I’m doing it a lot easier. E3Live is helping me in a lot more ways. Apart from better recovery and endurance, I feel it’s easier to concentrate and my temperament is great. I feel calm and content even if things don’t always go my way. I even noticed the difference when I missed having my E3Live for only a day. Because I have been training so hard I felt that I was losing weight and condition. After only 2 weeks on the algae you can notice the difference in my pecs and abs. I have a lot more muscle definition. I think it’s because I’m getting so much protein and nutrients from E3Live that I wasn’t getting before. I’m not as hungry any more. I’m so happy to have E3Live as a part of my diet now. What I like about E3Live is that it is totally natural. It’s a really awesome food.”

Ryk Neethling, Olympic Swimmer and World Record Holder

“Since I began eating E3Live, I’ve noticed an unmistakable boost in my energy. I have more stamina; I can swim faster for longer periods. My times have improved. I can now workout more intensely. Recovery time is dramatically shorter. Bottom line — E3Live makes a big difference in my performance.”

Lynne Taylor, Miss Natural Olympia 1999, Drug Free World-Champion Body-Builder and Mother of Four

“This algae is like gold. As a champion bodybuilder, mother of four, and fitness trainer, I feel so lucky to have found E3Live — the best food source I’ve ever consumed. With E3Live, I feel invincible, fully alive, and my recovery time after intense workouts is now much quicker.”

Luke Harrop, Australian Triathlete

“As an athlete, I have come to learn the importance of supplements and nutrition as an integral part of peak performance. I have always found the hard work on the training field came easily, however all the health and nutrition surrounding peak performance was the last thing on my mind at the end of a hard day. E3 has made the uptake of many different supplements easy for me to manage by combining many of the different supplements I was previously taking in one simple dosage. Having used E3Live now in my nutrition, I have found that I am far less susceptible to fatigue related sicknesses like common colds and flu. E3Live’s ability to be absorbed so quickly into my system eliminates all the uneasy effects that heavier supplement powders and slowly digesting pills can sometimes cause. All these components combined have led me to believe that such a high source of nutrients holds benefit to anyone wishing to provide their body with a natural intake of the most nutrient dense substance imaginable.

Ky Hurst, Australian Ironman Triathlete Champion

“E3Live is the product every athlete dreams of. After only two weeks in training, I was seeing time-improvements that would normally take me two months to achieve. Nothing I’ve ever had before compares to E3Live. I’ve never loved life so much. I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to learn of such an amazing food.”

Emma Snowsill, 2000 Australian Junior 16-19 yrs female “Triathlete of the year”

“E3Live gives me that ‘edge’ over my competition. I now have much higher energy levels, and my body’s ability to cope with hard training sessions has improved. E3Live also helps post-workout recovery and overall feelings of well-being, helping to regenerate my energy stores much quicker after high-intensity workouts.”

Toby Angove, Endurance Sport Competitor on Team FogDog

“After taking E3Live, I have experienced an incredible increase in my endurance. I feel like I can keep going. I have increased my times, my recovery is much, much faster, and I don’t feel fatigued at the end of my workouts, I feel energized. This food is absolutely fantastic - and VERY powerful! The results we are seeing are phenomenal.”

Doug Crytzer, Endurance Sport Competitor on Team FogDog

“I received a food called E3Live, not believing it could help me. I started eating it right away. After a couple of days, I felt incredible! My workouts were more intense; my endurance was greatly enhanced. My energy levels were sky high. Not to mention my mental acuity. And most importantly, I feel healthier.”

Poncho Sullivan, Professional Surfer

“Professional surfing is an incredibly demanding sport, both physically and mentally. The level of competition out on the waves gets more intense all the time. The super-nutrition of E3Live has given me an amazing increase in energy, endurance and mental focus! E3Live has definitely brought me to a higher level of performance. E3Live has improved my overall physical and mental health.”

More E3Live Testimonials

E3ALive Alone Kept Me Alive

For most of my life I suffered ffrom serious allergies and sinus infections. Even sinus surgery failed. Absolutely nothing helped until I began eating E3Live. I am now free of both problems.

I realize more of the power of this superfood last year, when due to an undiagnosed gastrointestinal problem, I was unable to eat. The only food I could keep down was E3Live. I lived completely on E3Live and water for almost two months. Amazingly, I lost only six pounds. Whatever nutrients are in E3Live literally kept me alive and saved my life. I’ve now changed my lifestyle and eat only organic living foods and E3Live. I can honestly say that I feel better than ever before! —David Robatcek, Oregon 

Meditation Enhanced

I have tried all of the various algae products. E3Live is the only one that feels truly alive. It provides profound mental clarity, which is perfect for meditation. —Abba Naraziah, Essene Spiritual Leader

Grandma’s New Lease on Life

I’m 76 years old. Since adding E3Live to my diet, my stamina is al3ways increasing. Now my grandson says, “you go, gramma!”

          I have more joint flexibility, and I’ve been able to throw out most of my drug prescriptions. The money I save from not buying these drugs pays for the algae. Even if it didn’t, don’t be cheap — this is your health we’re talking about? E3Live is great for whatever ails you, I say. —Bette Lou, Topeka, Kansas

Grades Up, Hyperactivity Down

          My 12 year-old son Jared was hyperactive since the day he was born. He had a hard time concentrating and not fidgeting, and had a 30 average in public school. Jared was also on the drug Ritilan® but it made him like a zombie. We decided to home school him and took him off Ritilan.® We started slowly with the algae, using only one AFA capsule for the first two days. No change. On the third day, we gave him 2 capsules, and we saw an immediate improvement in his ability to concentrate, which has only improved over time. Jared’s grades are now up to 80, and we’re all very happy, knowing Jared has a bright future ahead of him. —Lorene Otto, Sarasota, Florida

Insulin Reduced

          I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 19 years ago. I’ve always had trouble keeping my blood sugar regulated. I’ve tried many diets, and none have ever come close to controlling my blood sugar like E3Livealgae has. I’ve had a considerable reduction in my insulin since I began taking the algae four months ago, and my night vision has improved as well. The algae has made an incredible difference with my diabetes. I would like every diabetic to have an opportunity to benefit from the algae as I have. Thank you to everyone at Vision for sharing the algae with me. —Susan Lynn, Oregon

Bonus Testimonial for Horse Lovers

Whether E3Live is used to maintain a horse’s good health, or is used therapeutically for serious hoof and other health problems, I’ve always found that E3Live does great things for horses, and amazingly fast, even with only using ½ to 1 ounce a day. I’ve seen E3Live save the life of many a horse that was about to be put down. —Reuben Miller, farrier of 40 years, Florida

Energy Boost Wholesome and Lasting

          As a clinical nutritionist, I’m impressed and delighted at how E3Live helps such a wide range of health problems. I can only conclude that E3Live has the therapeutic versatility of a true adaptogen, nourishing the body and mind on multiple metabolic pathways at the deepsest of physiological levels. E3Live’s energetic boost is therefore wholesome and lasting, unlike the temporary ups and downs of unhealthy stimulants such as sugar and caffeine. —Dr. Fred Bisci, Ph.D., Staten Island, NY

Life After Brain Surgery

          After two brain operations, my body was depleted and in need of rebuilding. During the first 18 months of recovery I was taking many supplements, herbs and using essential oils. They were all helping but I still felt weak and had very little stamina. Then I began taking E3Live, which replaced another algae that I had been using for 20 years. Within two weeks, my energy and stamina increased tremendously. Two months later my body finally regained muscle and strength. E3Live is the real thing. It has helped me enormously. I highly recommend it. —Rod Birchill, Gold Coast, Australia

Enjoying The “New Me”

          I own a cottage industry business which is time-consuming, labor-intensive and mentally draining. After eating E3Live, my energy has increased to such an extent that my whole being is now functioning with more clarity and focused intensity. I feel like my cells are being bathes in a warm wonderful energy. I’ve been told by people around me, as well as noticing myself, that I look 10 years younger. I’m confident with the help of this superfood, I’ll finally be able to attain my cherished goal of being “the best I can be.” —Linda Morabito, Hood River, OR

Doctor from “Down Under” Discovers E3Live

          I have a large client base, which includes patients who suffer from a wide and varied number of chronic ailments. I’m delighted to report that I’m getting extremely positive results with E3Live with ailments such as Crohn’s disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, gout, menopausal symptoms, blood sugar imbalances, suppressed immune systems, anemia, obesity, and many others.

          E3Live, however, is not only for chronic disease, but beneficial for general well-being. People whose energy and immune system’s are a bit “flat” respond quite well, and quickly. I’ve noticed remarkable improvements in overall appearance, including healthier skin color and the growth of hair and nais. I’m very happy with E3Live. I am recommending it a lot more than I expected because I’ve found it so beneficial for so many varied conditions. The results and the feedback I’m getting are extremely positive. I would strongly recommend E3Live to other health practitioners. —Christine Tompson, N.D., Australia

Side Effects Reduced

          Earlier this year I recommended E3Live to one of my patients who was undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy for breast cancer. Almost immediately she began feeling more energy, less depression and experienced a noticeable reduction in the adverse side-effects of the chemotherapy. Her medical doctors noticed, and commented on her increase in energy and on how quickly her hair grew back after her chemotherapy regime. E3Live is superior because it is a whole food. Because it’s in liquid form, it has more vital life force to give to our bodies for repair and healing. —Barbara Turunen, D.C. (Chiropractor), Oakland, CA

Health is Wealth

          A nutritionist recommended E3Live for my chronic fatigue syndrome. I now have lots more energy and much less mental confusion and anxiety! And I know it’s the E3Live because I don’t take any other supplements. My mom started taking E3Live, her hair is growing like crazy, her nails are now very thick and strong, and her energy level has gone up! I highly recommend E3Live. Pass it on! —Theresa M. Lombardi, Long Island, NY 

An Exciting New Discovery!

Recently the first stage of an extensive research project carried out at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal, Canada produced some remarkable results. The project studies the effect of Aphanizomenon flos-aquae on the immune and endocrine systems, as well as on general blood physiology. It was discovered that eating AFA had a profound and unique effect on Natural Killer (NK) cells. The results were recently published under the title: Effects of the Blue Green Algae Aphanizomenon flos-aquae on Human Natural Killer Cells. It appears in Chapter 3.1 of the IBC Library Series, Volume 1911, Phytoceuticals: Examining the health benefit and pharmaceutical properties of natural antioxidants and phytochemicals.

NK cells have the ability to search for and recognize cells that are cancerous or have been infected by a virus, and kill them. The team of research scientists at the Royal Victoria Hospital, led by Dr. Gitte S. Jensen, discovered that eating Aphanizomenon flos-aquae triggers the movement of 40% of the circulating NK cells from the blood to the tissues where their main function is to perform immune surveillance and eliminate cancerous and virally-infected cells. Further research may prove that eating a small amount of AFA every day could assist in the prevention of cancer and viral infections. No other substance is known to trigger such a movement of NK cells in the body. This is very exciting news! We hope you will share it with everyone you know!

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