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Business Ideas

10 Marketing Ideas
By Dale Maxwell
Dec 16, 2002, 21:38

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10 Marketing Ideas

  1. Ask each and every client for a referral each time
  2. Carry cards with you at all times and leave them everywhere you visit
  3. Create and work a list of 100 people to meet
  4. Give referrals to your clients
  5. Leave some of your cards visible in your car when it is serviced
  6. Give a card along with a tip
  7. Wear a name tag that has your name and "coach"
  8. Introduce yourself with your first and last name, trade cards
  9. Define your ideal client and put the word out
  10. Write an article and publish it, do this every week (or ??)
  11. Join a "club" that interests you and volunteer (membership committee is a good spot)

Dale Maxwell (800) 366-1460

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