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Contribute your articles, editing -etc

An Observation and a Request
By Dale & Bonnie
Dec 15, 2002, 18:28

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An observation and a request

The observation 

Nature demands that any living thing be in a healthy growth state or by nature it begins to decay and die.

In my coaching people with disease I frequently ask about future goals and plans and I routinely find that goals and plans have been set aside or shelved completely.

Without  serious goals that are important to you your natural guidance systems lack focus and growth stops. 

Now is the time for you to put to paper at least 100 "some day I wills" and begin to create a positive future.

The request

Our business must also grow or die and our request is that you help us grow as much as you can.

  1. Refer people to our web site. We are re-inventing the site to make it the best health resource on the web. Visit  today.
  2. Contribute your knowledge and participate.   In our new model we are inviting you and anyone you recommend to contribute an article, product review, class review or advice to our web site. (We also welcome spell checkers and error finders.)
  3. Tell us how we can be of more service to you, what products do you like and would like us to offer. 
  4. Purchase products from us when ever you can.

For the analytical 

We have calculated that during 2003 we need to double our readers and buyers. 

We need to ship some combination of the following numbers each and every week:

One customer buying $10,000 in product each week

Ten customers buying $1,000 in product each week

One hundred customers buying $100 in product each week

Two hundred customers buying $60 in product each week

Yes we calculate that this business requires $10,000 each week to continue to live.


Prior to the infamous 9/11 event we looked good to meet our goals.... However we are behind and that is why we are asking for your help.

Thanks for your support,

Dale & Bonnie


© Copyright 2002- 2006 Coaching Link

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Contribute your articles, editing -etc
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