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Product Reviews

By Staff
Dec 15, 2002, 14:24

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From the Web Site, 

Article from Alternative Medicine Digest Magazine, May 1998

Colon irrigation, cleansing the colon with a water enema, is commonly recommended by natural health practitioners as an effective method of detoxification. But some people find giving themselves an enema messy or formidable, or the thought of going to a professional colon therapist either embarrassing or too expensive. For these individuals, the innovation of having a freestanding unit to accomplish this necessary intestinal cleansing should come as welcome news.

Called Colonet™ (from Prime Pacific Health Innovations Corporation in North Vancouver, British Columbia), this counter-top colon hydrotherapy unit can make colon cleansing and detoxification easier and more convenient to perform on your own. The device efficiently and gently pumps cleansing water into the colon, stimulating the colon’s natural peristalsis to move out old fecal matter deposited within the large intestine’s five feet of internal storage space.

Unlike an enema, which treats only the lower part of the colon, or a colema board which is messy and uses only a limited amount of water, a high colonic irrigation, made possible by the Colonet unit, rinses the entire length of the colon in a painless and sanitary manner, states Prime Pacific.

The manufacturer suggests the user recline during the irrigation procedure on a padded board (available from Prime Pacific) fitted over the bathtub. Over a 45-minute period, the unit delivers an unlimited amount of purified water into the colon. The water is cycled through the colon on a continuous basis, collecting impacted fecal matter that flows out under the irrigation’s influence.

A regulator valve on the Colonet™ allows you to adjust rate and quantity of the water flow to your comfort level. Water is not pumped by force but rather the flow is controlled naturally by gravity. This allows for fecal matter to be gently washed away. Waste water drains through another hose directly into the toilet. Hoses and connections are color-coded for quick and easy set-up. Speculum and waste hose are disposable for easy cleanup.

The counter top device includes an 8-quart capacity water tank, which is connected to your bathroom sink faucet or shower. The tank can then be automatically refilled for unlimited treatment capacity. This feature allows the user to continue the colonic for as long as it feels comfortable, although the manufacturer recommends that each treatment not exceed 45-60 minutes. A thermometer on the water tank allows the user to continually monitor the temperature of the treatment water.

The unit provides for water purification as well. Multiple filtration systems (carbon and sediment) clear the treatment water of chemicals, rust, pesticide residues, chlorine and other contaminants commonly found in tap water. An optional ultraviolet sterilization unit is available to treat the colonic water for bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms. This ensures that clean water is being used in the treatment and that no additional contaminants are introduced into the colon.

A second tank on the Colonet™ unit can be filled with detoxifying agents such as herbal teas, chlorophyll, coffee, probiotics, or bentonite, to be introduced into the colon during or after the irrigation.

Why Cleanse Your Colon?

Intestinal toxicity and impacted fecal matter are linked with numerous health problems, from acute to chronic headaches and allergies to arthritis and cancer. If the colon becomes clogged or sluggish due to stress, improper diet, insufficient fluid intake or other factors, both absorption of nutrients and elimination of wastes can be impeded.

This in turn causes toxins to be re-absorbed into the body, which can potentially lead to chronic illness. “It is like the action of a sewer which backs up into the drain pipes in your house when the sewer becomes clogged or stopped,” says company spokesman Delmar Vogel.

“Cleansing the colon of impacted and putrefactive waste matter on a regular basis offers relief from a variety of disturbances,” Vogel explains. These can include chronic fatigue, gas, irritability, depression, skin problems, lethargy, constipation or diarrhea, yeast infections, colds and flu, bad breath, and insomnia, among others.


Testimonials reveal the phenomenal success and delight of people using the Colonet Home Colonic Unit!

“...I am impressed with your company’s responsiveness and product knowledge. I have to tell you with all sincerity that your company really has a superior product compared to others I have reviewed for purchase. Your company’s attention to detail makes the Colonet very easy to assemble and use. The color-coded connections for quick assembly are excellent. The equipment is of high quality and durable and the design well thought out. I particularly like the implant feature and the ability to hang the unit on the wall. It was the first time I had a high colonic and found the experience to be very pleasurable and relaxing. I never felt so clean! To heighten my pleasure, I added the use of my wireless headphones and listened to my favorite tunes during the process. This is far superior to any enemas, regardless of how many you take. My only complaint is that I waited too long to do this!”
Jay Julian, Pennsylvania

“We are enjoying the Colonet unit very much; the ease of setting it up and being able to have treatments in one’s home, makes these treatments very pleasant...!”
Jerry Elliot, Lanzville, BC

“Thank you and congratulations for creating this fabulous Colonet colonic machine. It is so easy to use with wonderful results…I’m just delighted with it.”
Lee Sutton, Thailand

“We have been using the Colonet home colonic unit for over 18 months and are very pleased with the ease of operation and the low cost maintenance. ...We particularly like that we can have our colon cleansing done when it suits us best....the Colonet did help us considerably to improve our health!”
John and Alexandra Fletcher, BC

“The Colonet has to be one of the single best Investments I have made in my health. I only wish I had gotten it sooner. I prefer the privacy and cleanliness of my own home for colonic treatments...”
Lisa Zacharkiw, Edmonton, AB

“Each time I use the Colonet, I am more impressed. I accomplished in 45 minutes a better clean out then what would have taken me 3 hours with my old colonic board. No comparison!”
P.F. San Francisco, CA

“We would like to tell you how pleased we are with the Colonet machine we purchased from you . . . it works wonderfully with great results . . .”
Cindy Davis, Australia

“Thank you very much for the quick and easy delivery of the Colonet. We are absolutely delighted with it. The set-up and clean up is a snap. I never knew that colon cleansing can be so joyful”
Gunther Zimolong, Germany

Dear Team at the Colonet,

I have used colonic treatments for many years now, as part of a support program for athletic performance.

Since I invested in my Colonet Home Unit my performance level has greatly improved. I no longer depend on appointments and can have my colonics immediately when my body requires them.

The quality of this unit and the ease to use it is second to none. But the most impressive about the Colonet is the highly effective treatments it is capable to provide that made a huge difference to achieve my optimal level of health and energy.

I feel that anybody interested in vibrant health should seriously look at this. Indeed a small price to pay for a huge, lasting health benefit.

Thanks for a great contribution.
Don Tayler
Coquitlam, British Columbia.

To Whom It May Concern:

Why I like to use the Colonet Home Colonic Unit:

In the past, I used a colema board for colon cleansing. In July 1998 I purchased the Colonet from Prime Pacific International Ltd. in North Vancouver, Canada. I have used it regularly ever since and am very satisfied that I purchased the Colonet because of the following reasons:
1) Most importantly, there are no odors or mess while doing the colonic treatment with the Colonet, and the cleanup after the treatment is simple.
2) During the 45-minute treatment I never have to get up to refill the holding tank or arrange the implant solution. The filtered and sterilized water flows continuously into the holding tank, which allows me to use as much water as I want. The implant tank I can fill before the treatment. I can also check the water temperature while doing the treatment.
In summary, the Colonet is far more convenient to use than a Colema Board. I highly recommend the Colonet to anyone who is serious about colon cleansing.
Hugh Tanner
North Vancouver, British Columbia.

  Click here for pictures and more

Note: For more information about the Colonet please visit the Web Site: 


© Copyright 2002- 2006 Coaching Link

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