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Product Reviews

The Vision Book
By Marie Wilson
Dec 13, 2002, 16:38

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Improve Your Eyesight in Thirty Minutes a Day,  By Marie Wilson

This book is sold in hard copy for $7.95 if you prefer Plus Shipping

Buy Now and Download  $5.95 Full Price 


  • Do you suffer from loss of vision?
  • Do you wear glasses?
  • Are you near-sighted?
  • Far-sighted?
  • Is computer work causing you eye strain and loss of peripheral vision?
  • Are you considering laser surgery?

Almost everyone suffers from vision problems at some time in their life and most adults wear glasses, contacts or experience vision improvement by surgical procedures. But, there is an alternative--eye exercises!

Many believe vision not only cannot be improved but that it deteriorates with age. Most accept glasses or contacts and sometimes surgery as the answer. However, these options can cause further deterioration of the eyesight with a need for stronger prescriptions, loss of peripheral vision and greater dependence on glasses.

There is almost universal acceptance of the need to exercise our larger muscles, but most are unaware that vision can be improved with eye exercises. By adding these exercises to your daily schedule, you should see improvement in your vision within a short period of time. Since many of these exercises can be done in your home, at work and even in the car (when you are a passenger), there is no reason not to do them on a daily basis.

Of course, you should always check with an eye doctor to determine what your visual acuity is, to be aware of eye diseases and to make sure you have the proper medical treatment.

Meir Schneider, founder of the School for Self-Healing in San Francisco, knows that exercise works. Born blind to deaf parents, Schneider studied using Braille until he was 17 years old. He then worked with teachers who taught him to do a variety of exercises. As a young boy, he was determined to see. He did many thousands of hours of exercises, including intensive sunning and palming sessions shown below. His work improved his vision so much that today he has a California driverís license.

Having trained under Schneider, I highly recommend his books and video. You will find ordering information listed at the end of the booklet.

The key to vision exercises is relaxation. Tension in the body contributes to poor vision. Start your vision work by loosening up your body. Do some stretches, arm and hip rotations and gently rotate your head from side to side and in a circular motion.

Begin the exercises that will help you maintain and improve your vision. It is best to set aside a 30-minute period; then proceed with the exercises in the order shown. However, throughout the day, you can do any of the exercises for relaxation and even greater vision improvement.

Good Luck!

NOTE: Be sure to remove your glasses or contact lenses when doing the exercises.

This book is sold in hard copy for $7.95. If you would like a hard copy shipped to you click here: Improve Your Eyesight in Thirty Minutes a Day By Marie Wilson Plus Shipping

 Buy Now and Download  $5.95 Full Price 

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