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Product Reviews

LED Light for Healing
Jul 6, 2005, 19:24

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Case #4 April 2001

Dear Bonnie,

I would like to give a testimonial about your flashlight that emits a healing frequency (6 LED Healing Light, $89.00, "LIGHT6" on your order form). Now replaced with new product. I am 65 years old and I work outside most of the year doing construction work. This is the kind of work I love and that I hope to do until the day I die. The kids that come and go in this kind of work often hurt themselves and this is why I have this testimonial for you. Since I bought your flashlight I have seen it heal — practically before my eyes — a badly smashed thumb, a cut on the hand between the thumb and the pointer finger, a puncture wound from a barbed wire, and a toenail that eventually fell off due to a 2X4 being dropped on it. As soon as something happens I get the flashlight out and have the person shine the light on the area as close as possible. It only takes a few minutes and the pain is gone. In a few more minutes, the person can move the area without pain and very quickly they want to get back to whatever they were doing. We still use Band-Aids and have X-Ray’s taken if there is a possibility of a bone being broken, but the immediate relief the light gives is beyond compare.

These little flashlights are truly incredible. I’ve even used it on my granddaughter’s earlobes when they became infected after she had her ears pierced. My wife uses it to heal canker sores that she occasionally gets in her mouth. I’ve used it on my lip for fever blisters and my eye for styes (with my eye closed) and they disappear like magic. —Rob, CA

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