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Alternatives in Healing
By Carol Hannum
Dec 29, 2002, 19:01

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Alternatives in Healing -- EnergyAlchemy TM  A new healing modality

By Carol Hannum

What would you think if you heard that some major chronic illnesses can be reversed in the time it takes to boil water.? And what would you think if the healing modality which does that has nothing to do with herbs or substances, or touching the body, or Reiki, or energy coming from the outside?

This is energy Alchemy, a healing method researched and developed by Carol Hannum D.D. , director of the Center for Alchemical Medicine, a congregation of the AIWP ( Association for the Integration of the Whole Person ). As B. Crites, one of Carols clients, reported in the Aloha Wellness Vacations Journal  “ Over ten years of study and experimentation particularly with spiritual and energetic healing ,has led Carol to develop her own system which she calls energyAlchemy. She explained that she communicates with the patients higher self. Her treatment was without medication or any physical intervention. The methodology is certainly new to us ,but the proof is in the results. Betsy felt immediate relief from a burning pain in her back that had previously been diagnosed as an infection. The relief lasted four months. Carol is definitely breaking new ground.”

Below are some recent case studies , to serve as  examples of how effective this method can be for various  problems.

Case  1
A winning 8yr old part Tongan boy diagnosed with Autism, Aspergers syndrome and ADD came with his mother to see Carol, and after one session of energyAlchemy, his mother reported that he is now making eye contact , connecting and relating with people. Having had a narrow range of tastes in food, he is now beginning to expand his diet. His Mom reports him being much calmer. Six months later his mother told of a recent trip to see his cousins. He hugged them and played with them. She was overjoyed.!

Case 2
A  man with a thyroid tumor was having trouble breathing as well as swallowing. After Carol worked with him for a few sessions ,the clients sister, independently of Carol , hired another medical intuitive to “look” inside the clients body, specifically to the thyroid and breathing apparatus , confirming the absence of the mass. The mans breathing returned to normal and he was able to swallow.

Case  3
A short- haired Hawaii Island dog with a big smile was taken ill with unidentified problems. The vet was ready to euthanize him with the family’s permission. Carol After discovering a few key parasites and staph, with one session of the energy alchemy work, the animal turned a corner and was released the following day. The vet called him the miracle dog.

Case 4
A gentleman of 90  with much trouble eliminating and hadn’t done so in days. A soft mass was discovered  in the descending colon., inhibiting the peristaltic action and flow.  One hour after the treatment , his daughter called me and  related  that her father just went to the bathroom. He continues to eliminate more normally.

Case 5
A pre-diabetic woman reluctantly facing insulin treatments was worked with, and in a few days her blood sugar went down to normal. Two weeks later she relates it is still the same.!

Case 6
A 60 ish man diagnosed with congestive heart failure took one treatment. A week later the MD pronounced him in spontaneous remission. 5 years later he is doing well and is still asymptomatic and feels well.

There are many others of with different varieties of problems that have been helped. How is this possible?

The process works  by using specially constructed wording in the form of commands to the persons’ higher self.  The higher self responds to the words and with the help of its own auric energy performs the tasks intended . There is no energy exchanged between the healer and healee. The practitioner mutters the commands under the breath, and the persons higher self listens and acts upon them. The patients mind does not get in the way. No special healing ability is necessary to do the work. There is a  standard  protocol that can be learned easily and can be done by anyone. For this reason the work can spread and benefit more individuals. People can also use it to work with themselves.

The process of  EnergyAlchemy is able to clear the body of disease causing elements within an amazingly short period of time , able to make repairs to tissue, change a genetic weakness to a normal function, and clear most obstructions  from the body as well. Radiation, Household, x rays, Nuclear, and microwave etc. can be eliminated from the body.

Preceding the healing commands,  a body system analysis is accomplished, which  relies on a muscle testing technique called the” O Ring.” It is not necessary for the practitioner to have  internal viewing capability , or medical intuition., as it is called. A  specially developed scoring system enables the practitioner to pick up the necessary information from the client. A  knowledge of anatomy is recommended, although an anatomy review class is part of the curriculum. As part of this analysis a microbe and toxin inventory is performed. A small bit of microbiology is necessary  however the basic job can be done regardless of that knowledge.

Working with emotional issues that affect the physical  is primary in this work, and this is done in an unique manner. Since the early traumas disconnect pathways, it is necessary to reconnect them. This is accomplished by de-energizing the issue, and  then working with a specific command to reconnect the parts again. It has also been discovered that there are standard energy flows within each organ that can get disrupted from traumas. It is theorized that the presence of normal energy flows assist the body in releasing toxins from each organ.

Body/ Spirit issues are also addressed., as it is important for the spirit to have affinity to the body and vice versa. How can one heal the body, if the being or spirit is at odds with it?

The successes of the energy Alchemy system demonstrate the power of words, the immense intelligence and ability of the higher self to create change, the ability of intention to manipulate cosmic particles, interchangeability  of energy and matter, and how we are all connected.

Carol Hannum is a medical intuitive and practices her own healing technique. After relocating to the Big Island of Hawaii, she maintains a full consultation practice locally and internationally, teaches trainings, and  holds down a Macadamia nut and Coffee farm. She also travels and does healings.

Trainings are held twice yearly, in the spring and fall. Plans are on the boards for a classroom/clinic to be manifested somewhere on the island. A scholarship fund is also in the works and will happen within a few months.

Website :    Email is Toll free phone is 888-730-1631 and regular 808 – 328-7788.

© Copyright 2002- 2006 Coaching Link

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