D-Phenylalanine, USP

According to my research I've come to the conclusion that D-Phenylalanine is a safe alternative to aspirin, tylenol, ibuprofen and opiates for acute and/or chronic pain. D-Phenylalanine is non-addictive and will not upset the stomach. By Bonnie O'Sullivan, Editor, The Road To Health Newsletter

How Does D-Phenylalanine Work For Chronic Pain?

Low levels of endorphins have been noted in those suffering from chronic pain, and
supplementation with D-Phenlyalanine helps to increase these levels. By prohibiting Carboxypeptidase A from preventing endorphin production, the body can continue to increase its own natural pain tolerance mechanism. In studies with chronic pain patients, the pain threshold has been enhanced and prolonged by D-Phenylalanine supplementation. This has been effected with various chronic pain conditions, including back pain and Osteoarthritis.

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