D-Phenylalanine, USP

According to my research I've come to the conclusion that D-Phenylalanine is a safe alternative to aspirin, tylenol, ibuprofen and opiates for acute and/or chronic pain. D-Phenylalanine is non-addictive and will not upset the stomach. By Bonnie O'Sullivan, Editor, The Road To Health Newsletter

Give D-Phenylalanine a Try

  • D-Phenylalanine supports a good mood
  • D-Phenylalanine helps overcome the blues
  • D-Phenylalanine helps relieve common pain
  • D-Phenylalanine helps eliminate food and drug cravings
  • D-Phenylalanine helps when taken an hour before any normally painful procedure   

…but only if you give it a try.  Order D-Phenylalanine from The Road To Health today.

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