D-Phenylalanine, USP

According to my research I've come to the conclusion that D-Phenylalanine is a safe alternative to aspirin, tylenol, ibuprofen and opiates for acute and/or chronic pain. D-Phenylalanine is non-addictive and will not upset the stomach. By Bonnie O'Sullivan, Editor, The Road To Health Newsletter

Amazing Molecules Relieve Common Pain!


In 1973, Johns Hopkins University student, Candice Pert, and her professor, Solomon Snyder made a remarkable discovery that stood the world of pain research on its head.  For over two centuries, morphine had been an irreplaceable tool in the physician’s arsenal.  Even though morphine has a wide range of uses — from relieving feelings of impending doom to blocking common pain — until that moment of discovery, no one had known how it works.  What Pert and Snyder found was the morphine receptor — the key to its effectiveness.  Just one year later, researchers in Scotland made an even bigger discovery — the natural counterpart of morphine, made in your body, which they named “endorphin.”

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What are Endorphins?

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Amazing Molecules Relieve Common Pain!
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